Chain Reaction


This is what started that chain reaction


Thuja socks, Cherry Tree hill Supersock, Finished 4/10/08 because this arrived from Jessie…..

A Piece of Vermont Superwash Colonial in Still Waters……

Which I ripped the ball band off almost immediately and wound so I could look through my 5,463 sock books to pick out a pattern.  That I wanted to knit this yarn into.  Fivethousandfourhundredsixtythree books.  Nada.  Nothing.  Nope. 

Then, I looked on Ravelry.  Where there is a gagillion sock patterns.  No problem.  I’ll find one here. 




Big sigh.  Watch Idol.  Yarn sits besides me.  Go to bed. 

Get up this morning and I’m reading a few blogs and I find this pattern.  I go into my yarn room.  I must have this book.  I know I have this book.  I look. 

I don’t have this book. 

I go to work.  I work.  I have a mini stroke on the left side, due to work conditions I can’t discuss here and twitch for the greater part of the day, but I have a plan.   

I’m going to the big bookseller after work.  Don’t stop home.  Don’t pass go.  Just get to the bookstore.

I get the last copy of Favorite Socks that they have.  And because I’ve been reading so much about it, A Fine Fleece (only copy they had of that too!) finds it’s way into the bag as well. 


I plan on making the Diagonal Cross Rib Socks from that book.  And I realize – yes, I’ve looked through the book many times while at the Big Bookseller, but have always assumed I had most of those patterns in my back issues of the magazine.  Well, I don’t.  So I just bought it.  And I can tell there are at least three other socks I’d make from this book – and it is nice not to have to go clawing through my back issues searching for a pattern that is so nicely available in that book.    I wish I remember what blog I saw the sock on this morning that prompted that moment when I knew that was the pattern that would look best on this sock yarn. 

This week has sucked the life right out of me at work – it’s just one of “those” weeks where friday seems like it is down a long, narrow hallway and you’re running full tilt to get to it, only to have it move further and further away.   Lot’s and lot’s of mentally exhausting stuff.  Doesn’t happen to often, either.   

Drama anyone? 

Tomorrow?  Rain.  Knitting Group.  And Rain.  And working on the website!  And probably more rain. 

And Knitting those socks, of course. 




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  1. Funny how at some times, sock patterns have to be JUST right. I’m glad you found your inspiration. Sorry about the left side twitching. (that’s supposed to mean the stress was caused by a female – ha)

  2. I love that book! (Favorite Socks) I couldn’t live without it and I’m surprised you didn’t already have it. I’m glad that’s been remedied.

    Those Thuja socks are gorgeous. Have fun at knitting group!

  3. Glad you found some patterns that might work!

    As for the work/drama-llama stuff, ask me again why I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that for at least another 2 years. *shudder*

  4. The Thuja socks are really nice – what yarn is that? The new yarn is gorgeous – no wonder you had a hard time finding a pattern for it. Doesn’t it seem like the nicer the yarn, the more difficult it is to find something to do with it? Glad the week is over, and hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

  5. GET OUT! I have just cast on (two rows done) for the Diagonal Cross Rib Socks! I’m using BL handspun, hoping that the cables will give some elasticity to the yarn, which has very little.

    I can’t wait to see your socks, and mine. Happy knitting!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about being totally obsessed with having a particular knitting pattern or whatever, to the extent that all else in life is excluded!

    The Thujas look good (I’ve knitted a couple of pairs – a nice quick knit, aren’t they) and that Vermont yarn looks gorgeous – I’m off to check it out!

  7. You know I didn’t feel so inclined to get the best of Interweave Knits, but i did buy the sock book. I actually think I have all of the sock patterns, save a few that I don’t just have to have. However, I love having the sock patterns all in one place and the spiral binding makes it perfect for knitting socks.

  8. Love the yarn color-so pretty!!!

    Maybe this will cheer you up some-only 2 more months until summer break!!!!! yay!!!! I don’t know where the heck the year went.

    I LOVE your new ‘do-sassy-and cute-just like you! : )


  9. I got my mom that interweave sock book for Christmas. Now she has to frisk me whenever I leave her house to make sure I don’t steal it from her. Anything interweave does is wonderful. I love my “Getting Started Knitting Socks” book by them. A great beginner resource and lots of nice patterns for when you get more confidence. And something for every weight yarn in creation. What more can you ask!

    Two months to summer time….

  10. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who obsesses about finding the perfect pattern to go with one’s sock yarn… because it’s good to have company in crazy-land! (And they came out great, which justifies it, right?)

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