Team Work



New Orifice Hooks and Stitchmarker Surprise Grab Bags for a great price – in the shop now!

DH and I have been tossing ideas back and forth on projects that we can do together.  He’s now making Spindles, more Orifice Hooks, Swifts and Winders.  I’m trying to twist his arm into making some Sockblockers too.  We’ve gotten some good advice from the accountant and we are planning on opening our own, official Web Page in the next few months.  We need to investigate webhosting, page designing etc., because most of that work will be done by ourselves and our in-house Graphic Artist.  Keep your fingers crossed and wish us Luck!  This is exciting and nervewracking at the same time!

Lily Cardy is in the home stretch – it feels like endless knitting right now while I’m working on the lower body – but I’m making it a bit longer than the pattern calls for.  I can’t wait to knit that little picot edging on it and then tackle the bands.  I mistakenly thought I’d be finished with it this weekend – hardy, har, har – not taking into account the visit to the accountant, getting treated to lunch by Jeanne, going to knitting group, working at the metal bench – shopping for a new Jewelers Bench (I’m very excited and it’s like I’m almost a professional or something!) – all these things just made the time fly right by.  But I plan to hunker down right now and knit a few rows.  I’m also about 8 rows away from finshing the first Thuja sock – and hopefully I’ll squeeze that in tonight – and start the second.  Whew!

Hope your weekend was a good one!


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  1. Can’t wait to see photos of Lily (I’m very near to casting on for mine), and good luck with your new venture!

    ps I’m just going to have to visit your shop, aren’t I…

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