It’s Been Broughten….Already


While Rox has certainly written one of the more eloquent campaign speeches I’ve yet to read, I just have to take a break from our regularly scheduled knitting blog to state my opinion on the already ensuing battle between her and Kim

 While both these intellegent, witty, fun, entertaining gals have their very strong opinions on who should be the next Knitter’s Hunk, I have to say, I think they’ve got it wrong.  No, I’m quite sure they’ve got it wrong.  They are, in other words, missing the whole point.

 Now, you all know I am a staunch Mikepublican, while Rox and a few others are devoted Joshacratic’s and Kim seems to  support the Hughpendants  (or is it Still Alan?  so hard to keep track when there is more than one…)  People, do your research and do it carefully.  We’ve got time.  Make an informed educated decision.  Your vote is so very important.  I’m making this plea now, giving you plenty of time to do your best and get out there before September.  We need to bring this most important point and really, the only valid reason why anyone should be voted “Knitters Hunk”

While Hugh is charming and can pull off that slight lisp I swear I hear from time to time – he gives mischevious a whole new meaning and I’m quite taken myself.  And Josh is, as Rox implied – that rarely seen in the wild, un-marriable, sweat dripping housepainter, you have to look past that and see the really important issue……………………


Who’s going to Kick ASS  in a KNIT HAT???????

 I’m just sayin. 


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  1. I’ve no fight with Michael. Would take him (in just about all senses of that word) over goofy J*sh and/or little boy D#mon. He is much nearer the mark than either of them.

    Just sayin’.

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