I Like Them Short


The week, that is.  Makes having to return to work so much less painful, when the week is already a shortened one.   It’s been a really nice break, and I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed the time.  And I’ve gotten most of what I set out to do, done.  Whew.  I will miss being able to just sit and knit whenever the mood strikes me!

Lily has just entered the phase between the waist decreases and increases – I’ve got a few inches of straight stockinette to do.  This cardy has really been a pleasure – the pattern is very easy to follow and I think I’ll end up with a classic cardigan for my wardrobe.  I’m also really happy knitting with the Silky Wool – it’s been such an even yarn, knits up well and my favorite – no knots!!!  I especially love the picot bind-off on the sleeves and trimming the rest of the cardy with it will be fun. 


Thank you for all the compliments on DH’s woodworking and my Sticky Buns!  Don’t worry – if you miss out on one of his auctions, you can drop me a line or comment and I’ll point you in the right direction – and again – thanks for all the compliments and interest!  I know he appreciates it very much!

Oldest is back at school yesterday and it was nice to have him home for the week – sad to see him go back, but he’s very happy where he is, which makes leaving him there a lot easier.  And he’ll be home for the summer before too long – lucky ducks get out mid-May! 

Enjoy your week!


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  1. Looking lovely – and you got so much done over the weekend!
    Can’t wait to see her finished.
    I’m about halfway through my first sleeve at the moment, and really enjoying just going around and around.

  2. Waaahhh! I want a vacation. Your cardi is lovely! The best sweatersa re the ones that become wardrobe staples. Good to hear that Silky Wool is a great yarn to knit with. I’ve got 10 skeins marinating in the stash.

  3. I love your Lily. I’m workig on another of her patterns, Everyday Tweed and I have to tell you the idea of starting a top-down raglan and knitting the sleeves first wasn’t so popular with me. But now that I’ve finished the body, it’s quite freeing to not have to go back and do the sleeves, they’re already out of the way. I may try it and knit Lily, it really is a lovely pattern.

  4. Lily is looking great!

    It’s good to see how it’s developing – I have the yarn lined up, just not the time at the moment! The picot edging really does ‘make’ the cardi, I think.

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