Skippity ay!!!  My oh my – I left work at 1pm today!  I shall not darken the doors again until Wednesday.  Say what you will, I know it’s not a full week of Spring Break, but I’ll take it! 

I’ll take some time to work on Lily…..who has confounded me once again.  Well, honestly?  It’s not her fault at all.  I just can’t count.  Or see.  Or count what I see.  Entirely my problem, but we’s need someone to blame, no?  I think I’m a row or 5 away from starting a sleeve.  Like I said – the counting thing.  It’s not my best talent. 


The Gorgeous yarn………….from Sunnyside Ellen in Hibiscus.  Oh. My.  The pictures really don’t  show the true olive tone of the greens, but I shall be taking more photo’s of the socks-to-be-knit.  This is just so Spring like.  Very appropriate for the first day of spring.  Ask the little Goldfinches that have visited the feeders today – and tell the wind to stop howling and get with the program already!  But if Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch are in town and the Bluebirds that have been flitting around out back are looking for real estate – Spring has to be just around the corner.  Right?


I think my sleeping problems were actually aggravated by the Melatonin.  I stopped taking it.  I slept pretty well last night – woke up in a very strange way……………I heard my name being called like the kids in school say it – “Mrs. G” …………..cept?  There wasn’t anyone there.  Kinda strange, kinda creepy, but it worked better than the alarm clock.  I was anxious to hurry up and start the day, er, the countdown to skipping my arse outta there, out of the germified place it has been this week, hoping I’ve escaped contamination.  Shut it.  I know the odds are against me, but willing it to be can help.  I zipped to the store – finished the candy gathering and zoomed home to put in a little time on Lily.  Next?  (because I know you are dying to know every last minute of my very interesting life) waiting for the oldest to get home so we can order Chinese Food for dinner.  Yeeeeummmmm.  No cooking tonight!  And that’s just how a mini-vacation should start, right? 

I’m making the plans – plans to work at the metal bench and finish up some designs and custom orders, I have a cake topper to design and make, I have a totally cool idea for a new series of pins that would allow DH and I to combine our mediums and produce something together – haven’t told him yet but I’m thinking he’ll give it a try.  I’m feeling energetic and spry and that could only mean one thing…………….


I know, it’s the first day of Spring.  But come on people.  We all know the sick sense of humor Mother Nature has.  And there is something that is just telling me……………Winter may not go as gracefully as she should. 


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  1. Lily is looking good! And the new yarn is gorgeous….sigh….stop showing me new yarn! I don’t take Melatonin all the time – it works better for me when I just take it occasionally, but glad you finally got some sleep! Enjoy your mini-break!

  2. Lily is progressing well! I’m looking forward to casting on for it, but I have a few things to finish off first… And the Hibiscus yarn is so pretty!

    Hope you have a lovely Easter break – we have snow forecast here in the UK (it’s only at the freezing rain stage atm) – what’s going on?!

  3. Lily is coming along nicely, in spite of any counting issues you might be having. I love knitting raglans top down. That yarn is so pretty!

    There were another 3 inches of snow on the ground when I left for work this morning, and it’s still snowing.

  4. The birds and the sun are starting to come back around here too. It’s still cold as…. well… it’s cold, but at least the signs of spring are here!

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