It’s THAT Time of year


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I’m sorry.  But this IS funny.  Down to the little dollar bills kind of funny.  I know you’ll be eternally grateful that I shared. 

I’ve been knitting on Lily – so far, up until today, it’s gone swimmingly.  But today it was a one row foward, two rows back kind of day.  I don’t know if it has anything at all to do with the all week headache I’ve had, or that people are dropping like flu ridden flies at work, but besides being tired, headachy and I think a little hung over from the melatonin (I swear, I only had one beer last night in celebration of St. Paddy) I’m just out of sorts.  I hope it’s not the out of sorts you get when one takes a jump over to fluville.  Because, damn, that would suck. 

I did get the most gorgeous of sock yarns yesterday – but sadly, I’m too squinty eyed with the headache to wanna take a photo – sorry to cliffhanger you like that – but it will keep ya coming back for more, mwahahaha!  Thank you all so much for the lovely compliments on DH’s handywork, too! 

Tomorrow is Happy, Happy Hump day, leaving one more day before our short spring break – check back for more knitterly content…..


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  1. Great picture!
    Does the Melatonin give you a headache if you wake up in the middle of the night? I decided to stop taking it because it wasn’t keeping me asleep and it gave me a headache.

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