Ahhhhh. That’s More Like It.


Or, Happy, Flippin Weekend.  Finally.  Even though the weather peoples are saying hateful things – like the “S” word, I still don’t care.  It’s the weekend.  I had the opportunity to sleep late – which, technically, I did – but if you subtract the time I was up from 3 am, then that tossy/turny thing I’ve been doing – I’d say I was up early anyways.

 But who cares?  Picked up College boy yesterday – who we haven’t seen since January 21st when we dropped him off because of the House of Mono that we became.  It’s really good to see him – he’s funny as ever and now, after one trip to the Game store – catching up with his brother, playing Wii. 

DH has been busy as well……



That’s his Fantabulous New, Upright Skeinwinder.  I know I’m partial, but I love this more than his Portable Skeinwinder – it is awesome – I test drove one for him earlier today – and put on a skein of Silky Wool – wound it from the table top to my Jumbo Skeinwinder and it was amazing – doesn’t even need to be clamped down!  It also folds up just as nicely.   I totally broke down and requested one.  This was a special request, but he made a few and has them up on Ebay right now – I think the price is incredible, too.  If you pop on over don’t forget to tell him I sent you – that way, he can’t say I never talk about him!  I’m pushing him to also make some more Nostepinne’s and Niddy Noddy’s – I love mine and I think other people would, too.  I guess I’m pretty lucky that I have a talented woodworker who enjoys making fiber tools for me! 

Thanks to a the encouragement of a few of my readers, I’ve cast on this morning for Marie Grace’s Lily Cardigan – I’m loving it so far and I think it’s going to be a quick knit.  And perfect for the Spring Weather, since I’m using Silky Wool for it.  I brought it along to Knitting Group today  and it really is the perfect take along project – the raglan increases are ingenious – I don’t even need stitchmarkers to keep my place.  I know that might seem like a small issue, but honestly – it took me a good few minutes to realize those “seam” stitches were obvious enough – I had gotten a bit panicky that the directions didn’t call for a “PM” here and there thing.  Then I realized, there’s no need. 

Here’s to everyone enjoying the weekend – and getting some good sleep!

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  1. Hey Chris, can you tell me what the action is like on that winder? Seriously, I need to know how smooth and easy it is to turn. How much to you have to pull on the yarn to get it to spin? And are the ends of the pins smooth or is there a possibility of snagging there?

  2. Since your hubby’s so talented, what the knitting community really needs is a moderately priced BALL WINDER that isn’t that plastic piece o’ crap everyone has! Of course I have no woodworking skill so I don’t even know if it’s feasible but I hate my piece o’ crap so much I have wound a full pound of laceweight on my noste!! (of course my hand fell off shortly thereafter, hee!) help hubby, help!!!

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