Le Sigh


Or the Longest Week Ever.  In history.  It’s just Tuesday.  And everyone I see at work is saying the same thing – it’s only Tuesday?  I hate to answer them – I feel the same and don’t want to add to the misery.  I can’t tell you why this is happening.  It is testing week at school.  But I think it has more to do with the time change aka messing with your body clock.  Surprisingly – I only woke up twice last night – that has got to be a record for the past few weeks – where my usual schedule is wake up, look at the clock, go to the bathroom, get back in bed, toss, turn, doze off……….wake up, look at the clock – well, you get the idea.  And I take Melatonin, too! 

I have been able to get a bit of knitting in each night


Gale.  I love this pattern.  It’s perfect for my state of mind lately – not too complicated, soothing and I love watching it happen.  I just love this yarn so much – I wish I had a boat load of it.  You can be sure you’ll see more purchases from The Woolen Rabbit on this here page. 

I might have taken some time away from the knitting this weekend to finish up stuff I had laying around


This is some nice Merino roving I had from my purchases last year at Maryland – one bobbin was full, so I finished up the spinning on the other bobbin.  The first bobbin I plied went swimmingly.  The second one, I believe I cursed so much, I actually thought this yarn might turn blue.  But, I persevered and produced over 600 yards of this somewhat fingering weight, maybe slightly heavier handspun – the colors are very Autumn like – and I will probably make this into a smallish stole/scarfy type object.  I’m happy with it.  Although I’d like to spin during the week and I will if I can settle down for any length of time, I can at least make a point of sitting at the wheel on the weekends.  I have so much beautiful roving just calling out to me right now. 

I might have spent a little time looking around at yarn on Etsy this past weekend too.  And that’s all I’m saying about that. 

I have been looking to cast on a cardigan for a little while now – I just can’t seem to find the right direction to go in – ObliqueLily Starsky?  Of course the weather is slowly getting warmer, but that’s never really been a deciding factor in when I knit what is interesting to me at the time.  I have spend a good amount of time the last day or two looking at Starsky – and wanting to use Cascade Eco Wool – but what color?  No color?  Do I really want a sweater with a belt?  How about buttons instead?  I don’t know.  I have the yarn for Oblique and Lily – but can’t commit.  and the Spring Knitty is up………..so there is more to look at and consider….

Maybe it’s just a case of cardY-phobia?


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  1. Love the patterning on Gale. Very pretty! Your yarn looks lovely. If only there were more hours for fibery stuff and less hours for work in the day! 😉

  2. Oh dear, and it’s still only Thursday…! Hope your week has picked up a bit?

    Your handspun yarn is gorgeous, as is Gale. I have Lily queued as well; I think you should go with it as it’ll be quite a quick knit, then you can make your mind up about the other two afterwards!

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