Back to the Bowl


I’ve decided to add a Fourth Winner to my Readers Tools and Tips contest.  After a note from one of the  winners, who hadn’t really intended on entering the contest, it occured to me that since most everybody else who did comment did so to get a chance to win…..well, I felt that a Fourth prize was in order.   Good thing the Bowl was still stocked and ready for the picking….

Fourth Place goes to Jessi at Alabama Fiber Dreams

That concludes the awards for this particular contest……….I’ll have to get really creative and think of something different for the next one. 


Hypoteneuse, awaiting the Blocking.  I finished this up the other night and just have to weave in some ends and soak it.  It’s really nice and I can’t wait to get a good shot of it after blockage.  I highly recommend this wonderful knit!

It is raining AGAIN.  But I’ve plans for today.  After chores and supermarketing – I will be heading over to a friends house for a girls day in – really looking forward to seeing the chicks I haven’t seen since Superbowl.  And what could be better than hanging around, eating, drinking and gabbing (perhaps with some knitting thrown in?) on a rainy day? 

I may have cast on for Gale.  You know, just to swatch it.  But not really swatch size.  Why swatch when you can cast on and rip it out three times – do I like this yarn over?  The holes look kinda big.  Rip.  Do I like this smaller holed yarn over?  You can hardly see the holes at all.  Rip.  Back to the original yarn overs.  Looks big, but better.  Maybe I’ll rip it again.  Do another repeat – ummmm, I may have knit myself right out of the swatch stage on this one.  I’ll think I’ll keep on with the larger yarn overs, I like the look of it better.  Photo?  Oh – well, it’s pouring like someone just dumped a big earth sized bucket right now, it’s dark and dim and this yarn is just too dark for a photo right now….I guess I’ll have to keep you all suspenseful like. 

Have a great weekend!


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  1. You sound like you’re doing much better, I bet the Hypotenuse was good sick knitting. I can’t believe how fast you finished a whole wrap!

    Enjoy your day-in!

  2. WooHoo! What a nice surprise that was in my inbox this morning! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see a big pic of the Hypoteneuse.

    Can you believe we actually got an inch of snow today?

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