Picking A Winner


 Or Winners…..


Can you stand it?  This is a very sophisticated system of determining the winners……Painstaking counting was done.  Recounting.  Checking that everyone’s name was entered – and then entered again if they were linked. 

My expert was called in………..


And after much holding of breath………we have three winners!

First Prize goes to Wendy from  Musings from a Knucklehead – Yarn and other goodies! 

Second Prize goes to blogless Liz419 – Shawl Pin and other goodies!

Third Prize goes to blogless Mary N – Stitchmarkers and other goodies!

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed a Tool or Tip and linked to the contest!  It was a lot of fun for me, we have a great little reference compiled and I found a new batch of blogs I’m really enjoying reading!

One more repeat to go and then the edging of Hypoteneuse and it will be off the needles – hopefully tonight!  Other than the ever-lasting headaches I keep getting from that darn little bug I had a few days ago – I’m feeling much, much better – I really appreciate the well wishes.  Schmoo is catching up in school – a few bumps here and there and I think we can put the last five weeks behind him.  I’m cooking him whatever he’s asking for right now – he’s lost about 15 pounds and he was underweight to begin with!  We’re looking forward to seeing his older brother soon – who rightly decided that visiting home during that time was probably not a good idea – but it’s been too long and we miss him!

We had such storms overnight and into this morning – 4am – which is now my new wake up time apparently (hrumph) and I woke to such a rumbling of thunder.  The rumbling lasted as I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, got back into bed and tried to fall back asleep – I thought to myself – Wow, that sounds like a train.  Is that THE train they tell you that you hear before a tornado?  Holy shit!  Maybe I should wake everyone up and go downstairs?  And then it ended.  And the thunder just rolled and rolled through the mountains for awhile.  I thought maybe the rain subsided by the time I arrived at work.  But then the lights went out as I was walking in the hallway – to come back on a few minutes later.  Then all hell broke loose outside – I watched from our classroom (no kids were in yet) as the wind and rain just battered the windows and the side of the building – it was awful.   Three telephone poles right before the school were hit so hard by the wind that they were tipped over the road. Buses and cars that tried to get to the school after that were turned away because the road was closed down – and remained closed when I left work at 3:10.  Scary – it could have been worse.  No one was hurt.  People had to go a little out of their way to get home -but they were kept safe.  Now – it is sunny and windy.  What a weird day of weather.

Have a Good night!


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  1. Wow! I’m so honored! I can’t wait to see the whole compiled list of tips and suggestions. I’m sure I could use a few. Even my mindless knitting seems to get all fouled up right now. From one teacher to another… you’ve made my day!

  2. Congrats to the winners! It was a bad storm – I was woken up at 4 too when the cats started a fight on the bed – I guess the storm freaked them out a bit!

  3. Scary weather! I heard there were snowstorms working through your area now! First a tornado….then a snowstorm! Ack! Hunker down chick, stay warm…and away from that damn driveway!

  4. Well done to the winners! (I shall stop gritting my teeth now…ahem.)

    I love wild weather, though a tornado (or the threat of one) perhaps is pushing it a bit. Glad everyone was OK!

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