Couch Potato


Just because a week has passed from whence your DH had a stomach bug, doesn’t mean you should be doing any sort of happy dance that you didn’t get it. 

Happy Dances of that sort will only get you into trouble.


I am home, on the couch.  Watching the movies.  THE movies – the sick ones.  I did not sleep much at all.  In fact, I saw every hour’s time pass except 2am and 4 am.  I must have dozed off then.   Bleechy. 

ETA – ok, you’s who want to know about “THE sick movies”.  These are the movies I watch when I’m sick.  What?  You don’t do that?  What a shame.  My three all time favorites are………………….The Princess Bride,  You’ve Got Mail and if I’m still awake, Young Frankenstein.  I also might watch Funny Farm – but I watch that one even when I’m not sick. 

In this instance the word “Sick” means ILL.  Not twisted.  LOL!


Thuja socks being knit with Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock in Java. 

I have managed to go through all the entries for the contest – and the extra’s for those who had commenters leave your name.  All has been writ (?) on smallish but readable pieces of paper and will be tossed into a very elegant, er, possibly a bowl, ready to have my assistant do the pickage.  There was progress. 

Now for some really, really exciting news, which, if I hadn’t been home sick – well, I wouldn’t have been reading blogs!  Savannahchik has a new online magazine!!!! Go check out Knotions  Magazine and do like I did – register and take the reader survey.  I’m so excited for her (and us knitters!) and I’m really looking foward to seeing what comes next. 

Whew.  Time to resume the couch and take up the knitting. Or Nap. 


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  1. Damn…hate that. I don’t have sick movies though. I have sick TV, which involves quite a few of those daytime shows I wouldn’t normally watch if you paid me.

  2. I’m a fan of the Princess Bride, too – in fact, RR saw a license plate on Saturday that said, “ASUWISH” and made a point to tell me. ;o)

    I hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Ahh, love the Princess Bride. That definitely is a good sick movie. Hope you are feeling better. There has sure been something nasty going around.

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