Ice + There is Still a Contest Going On


What do you say to someone who falls on the ice not once this winter………but two flippin times? 

Nevermind.  I know what I would say, and it wouldn’t be very kind. 

I falled.  Again.  Dammit.  With an arm full of packages for the post office, my very clear driveway suddenly became the ice slick from hell.  I went down so fast……and so hard – that I didn’t have time to scream.  No. Time. To. Scream.  Do you know how fast that is? 

I fell faster than the Speed of Scream, people. 

My entire left side of my body- which was the primary impact area, so to speak – and judging by the side-ass bruise I have, I think that’s the part that hit the pavement first – is one big sore, stiff, piece of hurt.  Lifting the left arm – not so easy.  Drying the hair – oh, my.  Knitting – well yesterday it was touch and go because both wrists hurt and were numb – packages again.  Today, I can knit if I hold my arms in just the right postion.  Same with typing.  I seriously think this is why people don’t use directionals when they are driving – that simple motion can produce a wincing groan. (I can’t provide a reason why they don’t signal in the summer – unless they are slipping in the pool water on their tiled pool area or some such thing like that).


Life is all about choices.  I hear that.  I made the wrong choice.  Go through the basement to the garage?  Nope.  Go outside and walk down 15 steps (glad I didn’t fall THERE again) and walk to the garage?  Why sure! 

We have quite the little compilation of amazing Tools and Tips, so I thank you for contributing and entering the contest.  Keep ’em coming!  And get the word out!  So far, only a few of you have  more than one chance.  Go.  Blog. Link. 


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  1. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly.

    It’s icy here too, but so far I’ve managed to avoid injuring myself more extensively than some big bruises on my knees.

  2. Stop beating yourself up. You didn’t make a wrong choice, you had an accident. I say this as the queen of beating myself up. You can’t have that title, it already belongs to me!

    That said, I hope you heal quickly. Bad ice, bad!

  3. Oh no, that does sound ouchy. Feel better soon!

    About falling faster than the speed of scream… my dear little boys managed to pull a shopping cart over onto the 3yo. He muffled the sound of the cart falling and it was too fast for a scream, so it was very lucky I turned round right then!

  4. Been there, done that! I feel your pain and hope you feel better soon. btw–wanted to say i LOVE the picture you use as the header for your blog. Did you take that??? It’s beautiful!

  5. OOooooouuuuch….sorry to hear about your fall. I’ve ‘been there, done that’ too many times. Hope you heal up quickly and do be careful. Sometimes it just happens, I know.

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