All this keeping the Schmoo company has certainly allowed me to spend a little more time knitting than I usually get to.  Even if he’s taken over the entire couch and I’ve had to move my Poang Chair into the living room just to be able to sit down…..


 I love this scarf.  I love this yarn.  I love this pattern.  Need I say more?


 When I said I was going to use every last drop of this yarn – you didn’t think I was kidding, did you?  Pin is Copper with Amazonite and Swarovski. 

Pattern:  Gust by Anne Hanson

Yarn:  Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 2 ply – 1 skein

Needles:  US 4’s

Started 2/10/08

Finished 2/16/08


And of course, while fixing my ottoman today – that holds some more of my stash – I came upon these three skeins of Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb in River.    I had a brilliant thought


I thought – they might just look really nice as Hypoteneuse.  I hope I’m right – I’ve got just a little over 600 yards.  Anne’s patterns are so full of information, that I thought if I cast on for the scarf but added another repeat (15 stitches) and taking into account this is a heavier yarn then called for in the pattern – well, my mad math skillz aside, I might just have a nice size Scawl.  yep.  That’s what I’m gonna say it is going to be.  A Scawl.  If feels wonderful knitting this up.  And Twinings is still here – a repeat a day or so.  I’m really into the wrap around me type of knits lately.


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  1. I haven’t checked out your blog in at least a year, what amazing projects you are acomplishing! I am finally finishing Icarus after over a year of ignoring it. It’s amazing what a difference stitch markers can make when you put them to use isolating repeats. I think that’s what was so frustrating before. I thought I was a wuss if I used them for that (knitter’s pride?). It’s really coming along so much faster now.
    anyway, your knitting is truly amazing and I’ll be checking back regularly to see more of your lovely projects. You go girl!

  2. Gust is gorgeous! It gets scary when you cut it that close with the yarn, doesn’t it? I had similar remains on a blanket I did a while back. =) It took me a few reads to get it right about Hypotenuse, lol, I kept reading “I thought it would make a good hypotenuse” as in of a triangle. **slaps forehead**

  3. Oh, you and Jeanne are such enablers. Now i want my own Gust. anne is right, the color you chose is beautiful. I don’t blame you using up every last drop. Cashmere, of course you should use it all.

    I like your idea of pairing LL L&L with Hypotenuse. I’ve got 3.5 skeins of the same yarn, different colorway that I was going to knit a Clapotis with, but I await your Hypotenuse, because that could be an even better use of the yarn.

  4. Gust is gorgeous. I just love the color that you chose. I wound some stash yarn this morning as I have to start it today after seeing just the beginning of yours in a previous post. Your pin is gorgeous, too!

    I also have Hypoteneuse waiting in the wings, but may wait to make it my summer project. Not sure if I will be able to wait though. I won’t let myself start a full size shawl until I finish one of the two already on the needles so that has stopped me so far. The Lorna’s Laces you have is such a pretty color.

  5. Gorgeous Gust and lovely pin! I did about two rows in patt on mine before going back to CPH. My addi 4’s keep falling out, so I have ordered Harmony tips for Gust.

  6. Gorgeous! I love that color! Almost like sea glass! I e-mailed a reply to your comment on my blog but the postmaster kicked back the e-mail as undeliverable.

  7. I have two favorite knitting tools.

    1. My project bags. Some I bought, some I made. I match the color or the bag to the project. That way I can grab it and go, knowing what is inside.

    2. In W-M, in the T@mpax section I found these little skinny mini zip bags that are just large enough to hold a few sock knitting tools. I remove the huge charm that they come and put my stitch markers there, so they are not only decorative, but handy too.

    Just found your blog, it’s very enjoyable. I too live in NW NJ…

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