Much Appreciated


Thanks for all your kind and understanding comments.  I so appreciate the support and for the most part, the lack of lecturing me.  I know most of you realize I shared that very personal story to maybe prevent just one other person from making the same bad choices I did.  I’m sure many of you that read and didn’t comment have your own stories to share – I urge you to do that – that’s one of the things my Tech advised me to do – share what you went through, however short the experience, to foster more awareness and remind us all – it does help.  And make that appointment!

Totally Autumn Throw – the artsy shot……..


 Totally Autumn Throw – the size shot. 


Jeanne – the final size ended up being approximately 46 x 62 inches.  That last shot is at the foot of our king sized bed.  It’s a nice size, perfect for wrapping up and taking the chill off.  And once again – an amazing pattern.  I used about 6.25 skeins of Cascade 220, Yakima Heather on US size 10.5 needles. 

I had two other FO’s last week – two pair of black Fetchings that were for other people – I think I’ve added that pattern to my list of quick gift knits.  Works up fast – and after knitting it eleventy billion times – you kinda know it by heart.  I’m hoping to add Gust to the Finished list tomorrow – I’m using up every last inch of the wonderful Cashmere – can’t waste a bit of it.  Plans of a Shawl Pin specifically for it are dancing through my head – which I’ll work on while it’s blocking.  Speaking of Shawl Pins – the shop is updated – feel free to browse around!

I’ve taken the Smoke Twinkleberry socks off the needles – I’m just not happy with that combo of yarn/pattern.  I’ve cast on for another – but I’m not totally convinced of this choice either – sigh.  I think I might have the sock-knittin doldrums.  I’m getting plenty of knitting time in – what with keeping the Schmoo company whilst he is in residence on the couch – but I just don’t feel the love with the sock choices lately. 

 Hrrrmmm.  Poor Schmoo is home for yet another week and we’ve had to go ahead and get the tutor thing in place – the doctor just doesn’t want him getting exposed to anything else and frankly, he’s just too weak.  He does look perkier though, and he’s napping less.  With the four days off this weekend – I ventured out to Barnes and Noble yesterday with little hope of finding Reflex for him.  But I was picking up another book and magazine for him anyway.  Now if you’ve seen the movie Jumper advertised, Reflex is the next in the series.  Totally out of print and if you can find it, priced at 40 bucks – used!  for a Paperback!  I went looking for the next book in the series Jumper, Griffin’s Story, and there right next to it was a paperback copy of Reflex for 6.99 – Score!  Needless to say, he was a very happy couch potato when I came home with it.  But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why that book is soooo hard to get a hold of. 

Well, have a great weekend – I hope you all have that extra time off!


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  1. The throw looks beautiful! I’m just now catching up on my blogs and I’m so glad that your test results are okay. My mom had a double masectomy about 6 years ago, so we’re very pro-mammograms around here. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful throw! I really like the stitch pattern, very pretty. It’s hard to open up like that when you aren’t sure of how your story is going to be received. Scary, actually not SO hard, just scary. Fortunately, this community in here is mostly supportive and positive. mostly =)

  3. The Totally Autum throw is lovely- a little too lovely, in fact. I don’t think I’d be able to leave it in the house. Can you wear it as a wrap without looking a little crazy? (I think it’s the color that’s having this effect on me. Lovely.)

  4. I love your Totally Autumn Throw! I didn’t know that heather was called Yakima Heather. I live on a hill over looking the Yakima River and cross it everday on my way to work.

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