12 days of Sickness


I think I mentioned that amongst the things that went on last week, our youngest has been sick.  Headaches, weirdly swollen glands,  fevers, loss of appetite.  We had a doctors visit last Thursday and the Doctor said…………….No more monkeys, jumping on the bed!  No, really, he said he thought it was virul after a strep test came out negative.  Mentioned a few possiblilities if he hadn’t improved over the weekend.  Poor Pook did seem to improve.

This morning – as he was gearing up for school and feeling like an Effing truck hit him – he really looked bad.  He asked to go back to the doctors – which the doctor recommended if he hadn’t improved.  This kid never ask to go there.  Never. So home again, and doctors this afternoon.

The doc is 99 percent sure he has Mono.  Pretty badly.  DH is taking him for the bloodwork tomorrow morning, but it seems like she’s pretty certain, what with the size of the glands on his neck making him look sorta Schwartzeneggerish.  Poor Schmoo.  He’s so sick.  He missed most of last week and will definitely miss this week of school.  Lots of catch up when he’s worked so hard this year to be on the right track.  I just feel so damn bad for him. 

At least we know what’s probably going on with him.  Now we just have to get him well again.  Please send whatever healthy thoughts you can spare his way………..Schmoo needs the good vibes!


While the Schmoo and I were home yesterday, I did start a new project.  Twinkleberry socks in Fearless Fiber superwash Merino, colorway Smoke.  I’m liking them so far – I plan to do more than 8 repeats on the leg because I’d prefer them a little longer.  And Twinings has made it’s way back into this knitters hands.  I plan on extending the 13 repeats to 15 on this, as I’d like a bit more wrappage – and once again, Fearless Fibers to the rescue, as the extra skein she sent matches perfectly.  Of course, I’d put it all down in a minute if something I knit would help the Schmoo feel better………….


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  1. Oh poor Schmoo! I’ve been laid low with Mono and it is *no* fun. I’m sending warm aloha vibes his way.

    Your Twinkelberry’s are very alluring. So alluring that I’m tempted to rip out my Monkeys. (sigh)

  2. Wanting to go to the doctor. . . Very bad sign, indeed.

    Healing vibes to the Schmoo, and calming vibes for you. Take care.

  3. I hope he gets better soon. I’ve never had mono myself (which is surprising since both my brother and a boyfriend of mine once had it) but I sure know it’s not fun. I’m sending good thoughts his way!

  4. Oh, your poor son! Mono is awful – and it just takes so darn long to get over. Poor guy! Hope it was just the flu that’s been going around our town, and that he’s better soon!

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