Go Giants!!!!!!!


Well, as I’m sure you all know, whether you like it or not – the Giants won the Superbowl!  I can’t remember the last time (well, it was the last time the Giants were in the Superbowl, 2000?) that everyone at our party just watched the game – we all hung around the TV, riveted.  The suspense was killing us.  With less than a minute to play, they did it.  I can’t even describe the level of volume that we had going on here – it was a great game, and a great party.  Our oldest couldn’t make it home from school – but we cheered loud enough that I think he might have heard it!

I mananged to get some knitting time in before the guests arrived – and had just started the toe decreases.


And this morning I was able to finish that up in no time. 

Nutkin by Beth LaPensee

Started January 22, 2008

Finished February 4, 2008

Yarn by Hazel Knits in Chocolatier colorway

Modifications – I did a short row heel and a regular decreased toe. 

I love knitting these – they are just as much fun to knit as Monkey and I can see myself making more.  I loved the cleverness of the turned cuff edge.  And the yarn is just amazing to work with – I just can’t do the color justice in these photo’s so definitely follow that link – if you love earthones and browns, this yarn is one I don’t think you’ll be able to resist. 

It snowed this morning – a beautiful coating of white is on everything right now.  The birds are busy at the feeders on the porch. I have the day off – personal day – which I always do after Superbowl Sunday.  Takes the stress away, I’m not exhausted the day after party day and I don’t feel like I have to shoo my guests out the door so I can get into bed and begin the recovery!  After a bit of party cleanup, I’m heading into the “studio” to pick a new project – I pulled out twinings, but I have to decide the next pair of socks and I’m really wanting to cast on for something “new”.  Maybe this, this, or this.

I want to say thanks to you all for leaving such kind comments of sympathy.  It has been a bit rough lately and your support means more than I can say.  Those comments go a long way. 


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  1. The last part of the game was amazing. I’m normally just a college football type of girl, but I really enjoyed that one. 🙂

    The socks look fabulous! Definitely makes me want to cast on a pair for a break from the Central Park Hoodie. Must. Resist.

    I hope things are looking up for you this week. Still sending warm thoughts your way.

  2. The socks are beautiful. And I’m happy for the Giants. Although, honestly, Eli was NOT the Most Valuable Player. Can’t they look at anyone but the quarterbacks?

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