Ice, Ice, Baby!


What is comparable to a Snow Day?  And Ice Day!  Granted, it is not fun in the repect of being able to build a Snowman, but it is pretty.  As long as you are doing what I’m doing – sitting in the jammers, knitting and watching it from the warmth, comfort and safety of your living room.  DH did report that he almost had an accident getting to work today – but thankfully he didn’t. 

Finished just this morning…….


The first Nutkin.  Or Nut.  I guess the 2nd would be the “kin”.  I did manage to cast on for the second.  I love these socks.  They look much nicer than the photo – due to the dark, icy day – it’s the best we’ll get today – but I will take a photo of the finished pair on a nicer day.  I did modify the pattern slightly in terms of the heel/toe I knit – I just did not like the fiddliness of it, and decided to stick to a short row heel and a regular decreased toe, kitchenered.  Love it. 

I should be cleaning.  I should be doing data entry for the taxes.  Preparing for the our Annual Superbowl Party.  But it will get done.  I’m just going to enjoy the day – it’s been a bit of a week – sadly, we’ve had a death in the family.  And my youngest has been sick with the fever/headache virus that has been going on.  Some crap at work, which has been worked out, but really – it was so unnecessary that is was more aggravating and time wasting than anything.  So, however unexpected today was?  I’m going to consider it a gift and enjoy it.  And take care of the sickie.  And watch the ice outside. 

 Be safe!


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  1. Glad you got the whole day off – we only ran 2 hours late! It was fine getting in, but…what a dreary day and with very little to do, b/c no one is out and about!

  2. Oh you finished a Nut! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it in the light of day.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the death in your family. I hope you enjoy your ice day.

  3. Great looking socks! I love the color. Was this color hard to work on? What kind of short rows do you do for the heal? I am trying the Japanese style which is quite easy to do. Still having problems with holes though.
    Looks like you are really cold. Best time for knitting! Hope the young one feels better soon!

  4. Sorry for your loss Chris.

    Love the sock…I’m so not a brown person but I find myself drawn to chocolatey colors all of a sudden.

    Hope your weekend is quiet and full of knitting!

  5. We had a ton of ice here too and unfortunately I still had to go to work in it. What a scary drive that was. Glad to hear you had a nice warm day though!

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