The Makings of a Perfect Weekend…..



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Knitting Group today – wonderful to see everyone.  We even have some new members.  Jeanne is doing a great job of organizing and planning things like the Yarn Crawl coming up in February and a possible tour of a nearby knitting mill!!  Plus a really big trip – to WEBS is in the works.  Time flies when your having a good time, knitting, chatting and planning. 

I 5 repeats into the first Nutkin sock and I’m liking it so far – it’s a fairly easy repeat and goes quickly.  I’m really loving the Hazelknits yarn – really beautiful.  Highly recommend this pattern and this yarn. 

Homemade pizza tonight and hopefully sleeping in tomorrow – the perfect weekend!


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  1. Ooooh – let me know when you’re going to be at WEBS! I’m trying to round up a crew here – but would love it to coincide so I can meet you. (You should bring some of your pins to sell!)

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