Fridays are Beautiful


What the French……….toast?  I love that Orbit Commerical. 

It’s Friday.  And it’s Beautiful.  The stomach bug is making it’s rounds in a big way at work – and I’m hoping to escape with the mild case I had of it yesterday.  Much better today.  And I’ve been awarded!!! 


Opal has bestowed the honor on me – Thank you Opal.  And now I must pass the flame on.  Jeanne – Opal’s already awarded you, as you would have been on my list, too!

Here are 10 blogs that bring me inspiration and joy:

Diary of a Mad, Mad Housewife

Dr. Girlfriend Knits

Fluffyknitter Deb

Hand Eye Crafts


Purple Spaghetti


Unfinished Object


What Housework

Go, pass it along!

Tomorrow – Knit Group, my first of 2008 – I’m happy to go see everyone and have lunch with Jeanne before – I haven’t seen her in awhile too!  The throw is almost done – I was hoping for the end of this week, but this last repeat is taking it’s time.  The Smooshy socks are finished and Nutkins are on the needles!

 Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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  1. Oh, thanks sweetie. I thought of you today and thought that I might need to send an email to see what happened to you, so I was very pleased to see you post. Enjoy your knit group gathering!

  2. Oh goody. More blogs to check out!

    Nutkins huh? Hrm. I might lemming out and throw some on the needles too. That is, if I can decide on what yarn to use with it.

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