Snowy Days


That snowstorm the other day?  We had bubkus.  Liars!  Nada.  Stoopid Forecasters – I’ll tell you what.  Give me 20k, I’ll do the damn weather from my kitchen and use my husbands weather station in the back yard for the numbers.  Sheesh.

But that hasn’t stopped the knitting.  Here are the Smooshy Socks.  One down, a few more inches to go and I’ll have my first finished pair of 2008.  Love the Smooshy.  These are basic toe-ups, with a 2 x 2 ribbing and a accidentally, on-purpose frilly little 1 x 1 rib for a few rows at the top.  Don’t ask. You can get a lot of knitting done while watching the Auditions for Idol. 


I’ve really made some progress on the Totally Autumn aka Missing Winter Throw – halfway through the fourth repeat and it’s just getting easier to knit, but still very enjoyable.  Don’t misunderstand – I still mess up when I’m distracted by something or someone, but it’s not as traumatic as it was in the beginning.  I really love the way this is coming out and I can’t wait till it’s done and I’m able to curl up with it and enjoy the warmth!


I’ve had the last few days to myself.  Me.  Numero Uno alono.  The boys are skiing/snowboarding in Vermont.  I had the day off yesterday to get the oilburner serviced and that was done so quickly and early that I had the entire day.  To myself.  To do whatever I wanted.  Go where I wanted.  Without Question.  Or having to provide reasons.  I went out.  I shopped a bit.  I came home.  I cleaned, I knit.  I watched TV.  I went out again.  I even ordered Chinese to take home with me – which was the best I’ve ever had – totally thinking I want to eat it again and soon.  I had the forethought to pick up dinner for myself yesterday for today – because we are getting “weather”.  That snow storm was a bust the other day, but since then we’ve had “flurries” everyday, which has given us here in the higher elevations a nice, white coating.  We are under an advisory tonight.  I said kidding around at work the other day – sure, we didn’t get this storm – but watch – that little “event” they’re talking about for thursday/friday?  And this could be wishful thinking, but those weather people have changed this forecast so much in the past 2 days – I would not be surprised to wake up tomorrow to travel problems. 

Time to curl up with that wrap and get that repeat done!  Have a great night!


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  1. LOL That sounds like us. Our weather guys were saying the snow was all north of us…as I stood there watching it drift past the window. Geez.

    The socks look great, btw! Totally envious of the alone time!

  2. Love the frilly 1×1 ribbing on the top of the socks. What colorway is that Smooshy? I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing that throw. I just adore the color and the pattern.

    Hope you can enjoy a real snow day on your own! Stay safe!

  3. Love the socks. I got some Smooshy for my birthday I’m going to have to try soon. I believe the high today here is supposed to be 2F. I’m sending some cold your way so hopefully it’ll snow.

  4. Echoing Opal here . . . what color is that Smooshy?
    Also, sorry ’bout the snow. Goodness knows I spent enough days hoping for bus closures at least. Paid days off?? Heck yeah!
    Good news is that we get Monday off.
    ….you do get Monday off right?

  5. Not to overlook your lovely knitting, but a whole day alone???? I had one of those just over 8 years ago. Tell me, was it everything you remembered it to be?

    I don’t want to live alone. I don’t want to be away from my family for days at a time. But one day. By myself. With no schedule, obligations to other people, or requirements to prepare a meal. That sounds like heaven.

  6. The throw is looking great! Love the sound of that day off (I know it was long ago at this point, but still, it is nice to get an unexpected “free” day, isn’t it?)

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