Thank You.


I really mean that.  I totally lost my mind last week.  I think I’m better now.  But – that program?  Biggest Time suck of my life.  And – it’s still not working right.  And, I don’t want it.  And – it really messed up my computer. 

Mostly – it significantly cut into my knitting time.  And we know how bad that is.

But, thankfully, I did get to knit on my breaks at work and I’m currently up to three repeats on the Totally Autumn/Waiting for Winter Throw, I’m casting off on one smooshy sock and we are under a “Heavy Snow Warning” from 9pm tonight till 12pm tomorrow!  Dare I say, perhaps we’ll have a Snow Day?

No photo’s today unless you click over to My DA site – it’s been a really busy weekend – visiting family on LI and out enjoying the nice weather today with DH.  I did miss Knitting Group yesterday – Hi girls! – but I had to do the visiting and as much as I would have liked to go to group, it was wonderful to see my family. 

Next time – some entertaining photo’s of knitting – I promise!


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  1. lol – I guess I shouldn’t even consider upgrading to v. 6 then, eh?

    Sorry you’ve had (er – are having?) such problems, and also that we didn’t get a snow day…

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