Where the Weather is Ridiculous



And it’s more like Spring than Winter.  And did someone not get the memo about this?  I have waited all summer to haul the wool out, only to be dealing with temps in the high 60’s.  In January.  In the Northeast.  In Winter.  Dammit.  I would like to place my order for a substantial snowfall, with possibly one, if not two days off from school, requiring much shoveling of said snow, accompanied by fire in the fireplace, whilst wearing the woolies – hats, gloves, socks, sweaters.  I do not want to be contemplating if I should be wearing capri’s to work today.  And a tee shirt. 

Bastid Weather. 

Although I’m not stupid enough to appreciate the cost savings on our heating bill – there you go, you ruthless Silver Lining, you.

I refuse to give in, I’m wearing my handknit socks, toying with mitten knitting and heavily involved in the Totally Autumn throw, which I may nickname The Totally Wishing for Winter Throw.  And I’m knitting a sock – ha!  Take that you stupid mild, globally warmed weather!  And, if you keep this warm crap up – I just may haul out the AC unit, and cast on for a sweater. 

On an advice note – I’m looking around and have received some advice already – but I’d like to get my own DotCom.  The problem is I do not want to pay 50 ducks a month for said web hosting.  I’ve gotten a recommendation of Startlogic already – anyone else have any contenda’s?  I would surely appreciate it.  In the mean time, I may just attach a page to this here blog with some Pinnage Selling.  I’m still thinking on it.  Trying to work my way through this should I or shouldn’t I type of decision.  Any help you can send my way, will be most appreciated. 

 And send snow.  Please.


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  1. What is that in the field? Did a cow fall over? I hate this weather – I’m with you – snow day! Sorry – no advice on the domain thing, but good luck!

  2. As someone who’s hung out in the web design/graphic/developing community longer than lurking in the knitting community, I have never heard of StartLogic. However, Holdfire.net has been talked about as being a good host, though I don’t know what people in the knitting community commonly use. Holdfire sounds really lovely though — I’d like to use it someday. Blog packages starting at $1.50 a month! I think that’s amazing.

  3. Yeah this totally sucks. We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow. :o(

    As for hosting, I use siteground.com for all my sites (I have a couple of clients who have websites for whom I do webmistressering (is that a word?)). They’re $84 a year and give you lots of extras – like 7g of bandwidth. Yep, that’s a g not an mg. ;o) I might have coupons for a free month hanging around if you’re interested.

  4. Weather – def strange this year although we have had our fair share of snow. Will send some your way next time!

    Web hosting – mine is thru Yahoo. Its super easy and if you build your own page (easy enough with Paypal clickie things and a cheapie web building program) its only $15 or so a month. Can upload lots of photos too.

    Get the a/c unit…tomorrow to be another scorcher. Argh!

  5. I’m with Jeanne…what’s that in the field? LOL

    Yep, today we had all the windows thrown open, the kids and I had on shorts, and I cast on for a tank top. The kicker is, the weather man mentioned snow flurries this weekend. *insert cuss word of your choice here* Can’t January be January anymore? Instead of April?

  6. I know a couple of people who use dreamhost.com, and seem to be fairly happy. I’m not sure how much they charge.

    I could use a few 60F days. Of course, just having the sun come out would make be truly happy.

  7. Yes the weather is so strange isn’t it??? I want a real winter and people here are already talking about planting for spring! =)

    RE: webhosting, I use webhost4life but only because I wanted a real server to myself with fancy sql server, etc. However, yahoo does great things and are very user friendly. I’ve used their built-in ecommerce before and very easy to setup.

    Also, you are such an enabler! =) I just ordered a mitten kit and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!

  8. I have a free website – that I’ve done nothing with – from Microsoft I think. I need to ask hubby how I got it as I can’t remember. He’s a software developer and told me about it. I’ll get some details. and ask what he knows!

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