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The First New Project of 2008 – Knitspot‘s Totally Autumn in Cascade 220.  Totally inspired by, and Lemming-ed from Jeanne.  I was cold.  Then I read her post.  Then I had a lightbulb moment of what was in my stash, even though it’s not chunky, I had a clear idea of what this would look like and I just had to cast on.   That will make two patterns that I’m currently working on from Anne – who in my opinion, is one heck of a pattern designer.   Twinings is still being worked on – now that the extra skein of yarn is here from Fearless Fibers – who is one outstanding yarn dyer because these skeins of yarn are not from the same lot – but you show me the difference because I can’t spot it.  Amazing.  And a relief as I had decided that I wanted to make Twining’s wrap a good deal around me, and since going around me might be a titch longer than going around the average knitter – I’m glad I’ve got that extra skein. 

And cold?  Dayum.  It’s like a deep freeze here.  Take your breath away, I think I am going to start dropping body parts off, kind of cold.  How do people do this?  I love winter, don’t misunderstand. Love it when it’s cold enough to snow.  Love snow.  But 19 degress below the norm?  Not so much.  So, this throw is getting major knitting time – as keeping the heat up is really not what we do around here.  We keep it a bit on the cool side –  With the woodstove on, it’s a bit higher.  But we are big conservers of the heating oil, wear sweaters and try not to annoy everyone around you with your chattering teeth. 

I’ve also had a FO for 2008 – that Chevron scarf I’ve been working on since June?  Fini.  Done.  Just have to block it and photo it – then it’s going to be gifted to my Goddaughter. I’m so over the Chevron right now – because if that didn’t seem to be sucking up yarn without growing?  I was knitting and knitting and KNITTING and it would grow maybe an inch.  Certainly not the progress you want to show for a scarf and for all those hours I seemed  knit on it.  I didn’t make it 70 something inches either – she’s tiny, and I used that to my advantage.  Tiny neck, Small stature = less length needed on the scarf.    And because I thought of it 12 months too late – I’m also in the progress of putting down my FO’s for 2007 in a link to this here blog.  Not done yet.  Not by a long shot.  But I’m doing it and I’m also making a better effort at keeping up with posting things as I finish them – as in the Chevron. 

One other thing I’ve managed to “tidy” up for this new year of Knitting- I’ve ripped out the Cable Lace socks – didn’t like them.  To “holey” for my liking and what I have in my head that socks should be.  Hemlock Ring is also on the ripping block – to be knit again in the wonder that is Eco Wool – which I went ahead and just ordered, dammit.  Now I feel with the exception of the two “summer” weight shawls I’m putting in hibernation – I’m really ok with the knits on the needles right now.  I still need to cast on for a pair of socks – and as soon as I find that 1.5mm needle I doubt I have – I plan on casting on for Nutkins.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Ooo, Nutkins is pretty! I can’t wait to see how those turn out.

    And can I just say… BRRR! I feel cheated. If it’s going to be this frelling cold, we should at least get some snow out of the bargain. Grr.

  2. That throw looks so cozy and it sounds like you really need it. Brr!

    I like the look of Nutkins! I put it on my queue. As if I don’t have enough on it as it is. 😛

  3. Oooh, that looks like it’s going to be beautiful! I LOVE the color. Isn’t Cascade 220 wonderful. I always take it for granted, but man, it is just perfect.

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