A Very Knitty Christmas



I think I might have been a wee bit spoiled this Christmas.  Isn’t that the coolest snowman?  That’s just one of my gifts from my friend, Jeanne.  

And as if that wasn’t enough………………..


Do you see that box of knitting heaven?  Do you?  I’m totally floored by it.  The YarnThe Row Counter BraceletThe Bag!!  Thank you Jeanne – I love it all.  Browns are one of my all time favorite colors, paired with blue’s – even better.  Does Jeanne know me, or what?


We had a wonderful Knitting Group Christmas Party at Leslie’s House.  Jeanne did a wonderful Job organizing it, and Leslie’s home is just beautiful.  We had food, and mulled drinks and food!  And then the gifting exhange.   That was my lucky pick from Lauren – the soap is to die for and the yarn is one of my all time favorites to use – I’m knitting Twinings from another colorway of hers right now.  Thanks, Lauren!

 As if that wasn’t enough Knitty goodness for the party – I won a door prize, too!


Two skeins of the softest Mohair yarn from Steadfast Fibers (door prizes by Jeanne).  This is the softest stuff, and I’ve plans for a scarf…….mwahahaha!

 Oh, but it’s not over yet………………


The husband did a little knitty christmas shopping for me – and the two books I was wanting?  Well, they are mine now.  Whew!

Jeanne and I headed out on a bit of a knitting jaunt yesterday – it’s a good thing we have so much fun together because the first store we went to – purchases in hand – we put it all back and left because of a snarky comment by the shop owner.  What is up with people?  You see two women in your store, raring to go and ready to buy and not only do you act like we just barged into your HOME, you are less then helpful because you’re so busy with your two friends, drinking tea – sorry we upset your little quiet time.  Did you realize you are running a business?  Or is this just your high priced rented yarn room for your entertainment only?  Perhaps a sign on the front door, instead of “open” would have been nice.  Maybe something like “Friends ONly, we don’t need your stinkin money”?  Sheesh.  I highly recommend reading the book “how not to act towards two women with armfuls of yarn, cash in hand”.

Anyway, as I said, all was not lost, because Jeanne and I have a wonderful time pretty much doing anything – the second store was out of business.  The third was closed.  Clearly we were not meant to buy anything yesterday and I believe in listening to karma.  The fourth, well – I did have yarn in hand, for a particular pattern – but – get this – the pattern was out of stock because the owner’s printer was broken.  As I said, clearly we are meant to save our money for another time!  Perhaps a trip to WEBS?  Hmmmmmmm.  Still, had a great day – better to spend it with a friend and be able to laugh about it, than to be pissed off all alone!

Today is meet the hubby at work day, meet the hubby’s boss day, make hubby take me out to lunch day.  Hmmm.  I’m sensing a theme here.  I might actually BE a wee bit spoiled. 

Tomorrow, actual knitting photo’s and content.  Sure, sure.  You believe me, don’t you?


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  1. That’s some lovely yarn. It appears that I am going to have to buy Selbuvotter for myself as it has not magically appeared.

    I know someone who opened a yarn store simply so she could be queen bee at her own personal social club. I’m not surprised to hear there are more.

  2. Oh I covet that bag. I knew she was getting you one and I knew you were going to love it.

    The yarn! What beautiful yarn! What colorway is that FF? I just adore it.

    You got Selbuvotter! YAY! Now you can join me in my madness. Mwahaha!

    And that yarn store? Oh man, I wonder if she operates in the black. I mean, if she doesn’t want customers how does she make a profit? There’s a yarn store like that here. The owner is nice, but her helpers are such snobs. I avoid that store like the plague.

    Glad you got spoiled! You totally deserve it.

  3. Good grief. I don’t know how yarn shops like that stay in business. Thankfully, the shop I visited yesterday was very friendly. Especially when they rang up my total. LOL At least it was all gift certificates…otherwise the hubby would have freaked.

    And it’s okay to be a little spoiled by our hubbies. 😉

  4. Love the snowman…gives me giggles as it reminds me of the SNL skit. lol

    The blue Steadfast stuff – killer color!

    Nice haul Chick! Santa very good to you this year! 🙂

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