Because I am Four



SnowBot!!!!!  OMG.  I read the Daily Gadget and presto – what was on the bloglines yesterday from Think Geek?  For those of you that don’t know – I collect Snowman.  In fact – I leave a few up on our mantle all year long – because what’s life without a little Snowman?  Honestly.  I even have a 3ft carved snowman, that my children best find where they hid it in the attic by the time I get back from party-ing to day – yo kids!  So, this little dude is now on his way to me – because the DH couldn’t take the whining anymore (you do know I am good at that, right?) 

Go, check it out – it’s a fun site. 

I’ve got to get to the supermarket – cooking for the knitting group partee, and I’m soooooo not on my time schedule – have a great weekend!!!!


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