Happy Birthday!



 Goofs.  The two of them.  The younger one will look at me full on and be a goof.  The newly turned 20 year old?  Not so much.  But that one on the right – He’s 20 years old today.  20 years ago, right now – I was watching the snow fall outside from a hospital window, wondering when this one would decide he would make an appearance.  Well, appear he did and what a wonderful gift.  Except for the picture posing thing.  We’ll have to work on that.  Happy Birthday Tim- we love you!

 On with my facination for Twinings – look at that color!  I love it.  If I hadn’t slipped on the ice and tweaked my wrist last night – I would have finished the 7th repeat.  But I spent the night with an ice pack and one handed IM’ing with Jeanne.  Sigh.  Today – much better and plans include baking birthday cake, corn muffins, food shopping, picture taking, dinner making – and knitting. 


Have a great day!


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  1. Happy Birthday Tim!

    Stop with the Twining pictures! Ack! Seriously. Do you think that would look good in a handpaint? I have some Claudia Handpaint Silk that I’m thinking might be good. Whaddya think?

    Take care of that wrist!

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