A Fetching FO


Hi.  It’s just me.  Overexposing my photo’s.  You know how I get.  But I liked the detail in this shot.  A titch  off on the color – but no worries.


 You know there will be more.  That is MY pair of Fetchings – for me.  Mine.  To wear.  I finished them up last week.  Quick knit and I may do a pair or two more for Christmas gifting.  If I can tear myself away from knitting on the Twinings.  Best. Stole. Ever.  Honestly.  Anne is just a top notch, creative mind when it comes to the lace.  My goal is to do a repeat per day – but darn if I want to do more.  Time is really not my friend lately, so I will have to settle for the one repeat.  Sigh. 

It’s dreary.  This is for Opal.  Who has never seen Fog.  This is how it looked out my front door around 4pm this afternoon – now – a mere hour later, it’s pitch black outside.  And they – those weatherpeoples – are speaking such horror stories – I don’t know if we should be listening to them………or hiding. 


I could use a break from the craziness that has become school.  They are so excited.  And it’s taking the days to new heights of insanity.  Oh, my.  To remember what it is to be a child and waiting on Christmas – you can hardly stand it!


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  1. OK, I’m not sure you didn’t already get 5 comments from me (having problems with the iPhone)….the Fetchings are cute. And I love the fog picture…so pretty!

  2. Stunning fog photo!
    And your Fetchings – ARE.
    I’m thinking I need a pair of those – maybe after Xmas?

    They are talking nasty stuff for this weekend on the eastern seaboard, aren’t they? (sigh)

  3. Oh bless your heart. I forgot that you teach. I’ll pray that your sanity stays intact until after the holidays. LOL Yours and my mom’s both.

    The Fetching gloves look very nice, btw. 🙂

  4. Ooooh. That fog is so cool! It’s so pretty! It also reminds me of a Stephen King book. Thank you for the picture. 🙂

    And it’s about time you knit something for yourself. It’s been too long.

  5. I just knit a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves in black for myself, too! We must be cosmically tied! Hey, did you just start a crazy match-making blog, too, by chance? 😉

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