Endings and Beginnings



Mod Beanie – Jess, don’t show this to Tim.  Not that it looks like much here, but it is done, and it’s nicer in real life.  You can tell him he better like it.  Black yarn = blind knitter.  Used a ball and a half of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and modified it to be 5 inches instead of 6 before the increases because I didn’t want it to hang down into his eyes. 


Dan’s Wallaby.  Stay tuned for a modeled shot after Christmas – I really didn’t want to torture the kid by making him try it on AGAIN, and take it off so I can gift it to him for the holiday.  So not fair.  Jessi – this photo is for you, bad as it is.  Yarn is Cascade 220 in a really, really, really dark blue.  Really. 

 The Beginning of the Twinings Stole…….so. much. Fun.  I’m loving this Yarn – Fearless Fibers in Notorious colorway, which has amazing subtle changes in color that this photo just doesn’t do justice to. Love this pattern.  I’ve gotten three repeats done already and really have only been 24 hours into it.  It’s just a well written, interesting knit and I’m so happy I started it.  Keeps the mind occupied but not too terribly so. 


It was a tough, heartwrenching week.  Thanks for all the kind words of support and sympathy – they really do mean a lot and work wonders.  My heart breaks for my friends family, but they are terrifically strong and have an amazing, loving relationship.  I’m awed and priviledged to be a small part of it. 

Yesterday was Knitting group – it was fun.  Just what I needed.  Jeanne picked me up beforehand and we headed to Kraemers for a looky loo and some stealth yarn purchasing (more smooshy, I cannot help it).  Then my good friend treated me to a wonderful burger at Red Robin.  Man, that was good.  We headed over to knit group a titch early, but the time just flew by.  I cannot say enough how wonderful I think this group, this “posse” as one of the girls calls us – is.  Before I knew it, it was after 4 and Jeanne was dropping me back home.  Thanks again, Jeanne – it really was just what I needed!

There is a stew in the crockpot, the day is dark and dreary – perfect for stew.  I may make some cornbread to go with.  I’m fiddling around with a new Nikon D80 (Jess, don’t tell Tim that either  – I’m handing over the Canon to him when he gets home if I can figure out this new one! he he!) and tearing my overloaded brain away to do another repeat on Twinings. 



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  1. So I take it that we need to make time to visit the Red Robin that just opened over here? 😉 I’ve been wondering if it was any good.

    The hat and the Wallaby look great! Have you gone completely blind after all that squinting? LOL

  2. Love the hat, and Wallaby looks great – but we need a daytime, modeled shot! Yesterday was a lot of fun – I enjoyed it too! And Twinings is making me really want to finish my Xmas knitting fast!

  3. That’s quite a bit of dark knitting. It’s amazing that you can still see to type. Everything looks lovely, but I agree with Jeanne…we need to see them modeled in daylight.

  4. Hi there!
    Mom presented me with one of your fantastic shawl pins! It is so beautiful and well crafted. Anybody out there who reads this…I highly reccomend these pins. They are great for yourself and would also make a wonderful gift. I do not own an shawl, so I am going to wear it on a sweater or other place so that I can show it off! Great work! In the box were 2 skeins of sock yarn!!! I can now make a pair of socks that can be washed in the machine.
    The hat for for your all grown-up boy is really nice. It must have been hard working on a dark color, but a color like this comes out so good-looking. And I love the blue color of Puff Balls sweater. Your a very good knitter and your crew will remember their Mom as a talented lady.
    Keep up the good work and the pictures of your work are fun to look at.

  5. The hat will be a big hit. I just know it. The Wallaby is so cute! But I really love the Twinings Stole. I envy you your FF yarn. I do.

    I’m so glad you have such a wonderful support network. You deserve it! *hugs*

  6. Good for you for getting Wallaby and the beanie done. They both look great. Deb really does a great job of dying beautifully complex colorways. I could enjoy her yarn a little too much, sigh.

    Glad your day with the knitting posse was a good one. I love hanging out with my knitting buds. In the time that we’ve been hanging out together, they have truly become good friends and I love having that time together!

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