Looks Like We Made It


Whew.  I really can’t believe I did this “unofficial” 30 day posting thing.  Maybe next year – I’ll actually put my name in for the real deal.  Either way – thanks for sticking around and reading – I thought for sure my readership would dwindle, as day after day, I posted (or whined, sorry) But you guys have really been great – leaving nice comments, advice, sympathies for the sickie (waaa – coughing now) and not one of you hit the road on me!  In fact, I’ve a few new friends and I’m so happy to have them here – don’t tell them I’m a big baby and I cry over knots, biasing and colds -mmmmkay? 


The Trekking Knot Socks – using a Yarn Over Cable Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks (love that book!) . I haven’t picked up much knitting in the last 48 hours or so – due to the slow moving, sneezing, sniffling and whining about it.  (whining can cut into your knitting time considerably, I’m finding.  Oddly, it doesn’t seem to stop me.)  Oh, and add coughing.  Now the coughing has started.  But I’ll be dipped if that damn sleeve is not going to be finished this weekend – I mean really?  I’ll stop the whining.  And then maybe I’ll feel some progress on the knitting front here.  And, a little excitement is in the air because the weatherpeople’s are talking wintery precipitation Sunday INTO Monday.  I love when they say “into”.  The implications are soooooo hopeful – snowday?  Because December – it is the long month.  No days off till Christmas vacation.  I may have already told you that – dunno – because the cold medicine – makes my memory not so good.  What was I saying?  Oh!  Yes!  Snow Day – wouldn’t that be nice – Monday off, making a nice stew in the crockpot – knitting by the fire?  It really can’t get any better than that. 

So I feel a bit useful in this red-nosed state, I have gathered some nice linkage for you today.  Most of it in the form of free patterns.  I’m really interested in this Apple Laine sock pattern called Apple Harvest.  I had a different pattern in mind for my Chinatown Apple Smooshy, but the Apple Harvest is calling out to me and this yarn.  I also saw this Firestarter sock over at the Loopy Ewe Free Pattern Page.  I think I might want to try this in a solid or semi-solid yarn, though.  Needles on the Move has the Pippie Ripple Socks for 4.95 which might be nice for my recently acquired Smooshy yarn.  Lastly, go on over and cast your vote at I May Be Knitting A Ranch House  – picker or thrower?  The results so far are really interesting. 

No Cooking tonight – Take out Chinese Food and early into the jammies I go!  Have a great night and thanks for hanging with me!


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  1. You have no idea how badly I wanted to check “What. the hell” answer, just because it made me laugh. 🙂 Thrower, by the way.

    Congrats on sticking with the 30 posts, btw. I’ve enjoyed reading. 🙂

  2. I love your socks! That pattern is just wonderful. Thanks for throwing up those links. I really like the Pippie Ripple Socks. I might even have some yarn in my stash that will work with it.

    Make sure to pamper yourself this weekend so you can feel better!

  3. You survived 30 days! And did it without reducing yourself to single sentence posts about sheer nonsense! Evidently I’m very excited about this . . . either that or my finger’s been glued to the exclamation mark key! Okay, I’ll stop now.

    Love sensational knitted socks. It was the first “how-to” on socks that actually made sense to me.

  4. Congrats on 30 days of posting in a row!
    Hope your cold is better. Coughing is the worst.

    Snow days…those are the best. I would love some snow, but we are stuck with more rain than we can handle at the moment.

    Get better!

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