6.5 Inches and 1 Day To Go!


You know that big talk about having the second Wallaby sleeve done last night?  hmmm, not so much.  I’ve got 6.5 inches to go.  And it’s slow going.  Because, last night, as I was making 27 pair of earrings, my throat hurt, and my head got stuffy.  And then I shipped some etsy orders, and the body aches started.   I remember glancing briefly at the sleeve, sitting there so nice and quiet on the couch.  I walked by it to shut down my laptop around 9.  I passed it again on the way to bed. 

It was waiting for me this morning, when I came in to turn the laptop on.  The whole time, not saying a word.  Not calling to me.  Just. Sitting. There.  Not even mocking me – for the knitting I had not done last night. 

It might have felt sorry for me.  Because, I am sick.  I have a lovely, spectacular cold.  I believe I might have received the gift of said cold from someone else in this house.  I won’t name names.  But you can scroll back, oh, around Thanksgiving Eve and probably figure it out.  My head is oddly disconnected, yet still attached to my body.  I hope it just stays the annoying, sleep-depriving, irritated-nose type cold it feels like right now – but I feel this odd burning in my head.  And I think – this flippin cold might have plans for me.  So, I”m having tea.  And Airborne.  And vitamins.  And tea.  And the sleeve, it is here with me now……………



While my sock goal was met this week – I believe the sweater will not be finished by the end of this month – that’s a lot of knitting to do by tomorrow.  Not gonna Happen.  So, I will gladly accept that this is going to be finished well before Christmas – and that’s really ok.  And that hat should be a quick enough knit.  So, cold?  You, might be slowing me down, but you’re not gonna get the upper hand here.  Nope. 

And so I don’t bore you totally with whining about colds, and sleeves and woe is me – here is some linkage to engage you.  You’ll have to scroll down for the english instructions, but these Fingerless Mitts look wonderful.  I’m also thinking this might be the perfect way to feel a bit better, so it’s taking a lot of restraint not to go and order this Shibui Yarn – look at that color!  And it’s definitely a good thing this Smooshy yarn is out of stock – no hesitation on ordering this gorgeous color.

Just one more post to go – and this NaBloPoMo event that i’ve Lurked will be over.  Whew!


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  1. The Loopy Ewe has the DiC in stock. I know they have, because I’ve been drooling over it all week. But if you go buy it, hopefully it’ll be the last skein and I’ll have resisted 🙂

  2. I am so sorry your *cough*husband*cough* gave you a cold. But I can attest to the wonderful color of Shibui Seaweed and I think it would really brighten your day. Go ahead and indulge yourself. Feel better!

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