A Little Imagination…..


……is exactly what you’re going to need for this post.  This is a Hat for my Oldest Son – yes, it is. 


Fine.  It’s four Skeins of Black Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  It will so be a hat.  This is very, very nice yarn – and it’s black.  And I believe between the youngest picking dark blue and the oldest picking black – they are trying to make me go blind.  Yes.  They don’t care if I need to see, every again.  So, what did I do?

I ordered this, too.


2 Skeins of DB in Chocolate – or eye blinding dark brown.  Yep.  Because I’m consistent if anything. It’s some seriously luxurious yarn – I’ve only ever worked with the Baby Cashmerino and baby yarn is supposed to be soft.  But this grown-up stuff – buttah.  I can see developing an addiction to it – and Jeanne is correct in saying a sweater in this would be wonderful.   All six skeins came from a great yarnseller on ebay – Yarnbow.  I ordered these the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and they arrived Monday – I mean – that’s speedy delivery for having a Holiday smack in there. 

I will hopefully have a completed second sleeve to show off tomorrow – hopefully.   I’ve decided upon a recipient for the Chevron scarf I’ve been noodling on – so that’s now back in the queue of things to work on and get done, done, done.

Back to the needles!


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  1. I’m knittin’ my boys hats too, and I had my hands on (all over actually) some Cashmerino, before deciding on the Cash Iroha. It was a tough call, but I wanted the Noro colors. I’m going to have to try this sometime soon though

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