Son of A Gum Drop!


What in Frickin Frackness is this!!!!!!


That, my dear readers is a flipping KNOT in my brand new ball of Trekking Pro Natura yarn.  Didn’t we just have this talk?  Boy, these knots are really working my nerve.  I’m just saying – 18.50 for a ball of sock yarn – you think I could have that served up without the knots?  And if you find a website, or any kind of address for this company – pass it to me, because I have some words I would like to speak at them. 

Deep Breath. 

 And Acting like I didn’t just have a sock-yarn-tantrum….

Here are the Friend of a Friend Sock, just waiting for me to make a label and hand them over.  I’m happy with them and I hope the intended wearer finds comfort and warmth in them. 


I have to say how much I’ve appreciated reading all your comments on the Knitting Group question – all of you had such great ideas and insight and allowed me to view more than just my side of things.  I didn’t bring up the subject of kids at the time – but that is a valid comment also, and although I love kids, and have kids, I agree that perhaps groups like this aren’t the best place for them.  But that is totally up to who organizes your particular group – if there is a no kids statement from the get go – then I would say it should be respected.  Some groups allow older children who knit – and I’m all for that.  But the babies and the running around kids thing – I can see where you all might not be enjoying that little gift.  Your suggestions have really given me the feedback I was looking for, because honestly – I was at a loss.  I usually can be pretty blunt and outspoken and don’t have a problem standing up for myself.  But sometimes – I just get caught off guard and don’t know how to handle something while it’s happening.  Now I can certainly rely on your suggestions to guide me if it should come up again. 

Ok, now to decide if I should keep on knitting with that stupid sock yarn or do the right thing and cast on for the second wallably sleeve. 


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  1. Boy, what knitting god have you ticked off? LOL You’re definitely on a run with the knots!

    The Friend of a Friend socks look beautiful. I’m sure the recipient is going to love them. 🙂

    Probably a sign to just cast on for the second wallaby sleeve. Probably better for your blood pressure, too. LOL

  2. A knot in Pro Natura? Ye Gads!

    Love the pink socks. They’re really pretty and I’m surprised I like them so much since I’m not a fan of pink.

    Glad I could help with the sticky situation. I think we all find ourselves in situations where we let the tide takes us. It’s good to be prepared for the next time. 🙂

  3. I hate knots! I seem to get them in most of my yarn. The only line that doesn’t have the dang knots is Cascade. I love the friend of a friend socks. I’m sure the intended wearer will love them.

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