I’ve Made A Decision


Instead of continuing to make This…………I’m going to make This.  As soon as I’m done with This and This.  Of course.

 What do you think of That?

I think The Lily Cardigan is way more my style than Marilyn.  I need a little more coverage, I prefer V-necks to round necks on most things and I love the picot detailing.  Love it.  I’ve made headway on the 1st damn Wallaby Sleeve (have you noticed the inclusion of cuss words? I do not like the endless sleeving.)  The second sock is coming along nicely – I am hoping, dare I say, planning on having both of these things done by the end of the week, aka the end of November.  See, I should have joined NaSWeaBloMoOmpapaWaaWaa.  I coulda been a contenda. 

It seems I’ve riled the Knot-despising masses (well, not masses, but a few of you) and we all have the same nasty dislike of the knottage.  I’m just saying.  Why the knots?  What is the theory there?  Why not discount skeins if they have knots in them?  Especially in the higher-end yarns.  Why do we have to put up with it?  I’m mad as hell (no, not really, but doesn’t it sound good?) and Not gonna take it anymore!  Why can some nice yarns be Knot free and others – not so much?  What is the deciding factor in all this?  And is this way too much thought over knots?  I can buy a skein of beautiful yarn with eleventy billion yards and not have one knot.  And then – there is that 92 yard skein with 4 knots?  What up wit that?  Fortunately for us – we usually can make our yarn buying decisions based on prior experience with yarns with Known Knottage.  And that is a shame.  Because some yarns are beautiful and nice to work with – but I’ll stay away because I just don’t want to put up with knots.   It’s not as if you can ask – as in ask your server – does this have knots?  Does the chef use knots?  Because, frankly, I think I’m allergic to knots. 

I’ve been up since 5am.  Oh, and I’m not a morning person.  But I don’t feel too badly – after a shower and some more coffee – I might just be human!


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  1. Lily is a beautiful pattern – never seen that one before, thanks for the link!

    Knots are a sticky topic, it’s a personaal debate on how many are too many versus the quality and price of the yarn. I had many knots in my colinette jitterbug and also my hello yarn fat sock, two yarns that I think are “premium” enough to not have any knots, or only 1, not more than 3.

  2. Oh – and send some of that getting up early mojo my way will you? With the time change I feel like I’m getting up too late, and not getting enough done before it gets dark. =)

  3. I really like the Lily cardigan too. Very pretty design. I liked the Not-So-Shrunken cardigan when it first came out, but ended up test-knitting some of the design for Wendy. If that hadn’t been the case, I don’t know if I would have made it.

  4. Just when I was going to tell you that I plan on making the Not So Shrunken Cardigan, you decide to chuck it? No far! 😉

    Honestly though, follow your bliss.

  5. Lily is very pretty – I hadn’t seen it so thanks for the link. Does that mean you are ripping back what you already did on the other sweater? I agree with you – high end yarn shouldn’t have so many knots – very annoying!

  6. I’m knot sure how to respond….har.

    Knots suck. To the point that I will not use that particular yarn ever again. Noro Silk Garden has burned me. And don’t even get me started on mohair and knots.

    Knot cool.

  7. I like the Lily Cardigan a lot.

    But didn’t you say you didn’t care much for sleeves? Plain sleeves?

    Forget what you said, I see you found room to make a hat all of a sudden. 🙂

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