Where I Unexpectedly Buy More Yarn



Dream in Color Smooshy in Dusky Aurora and Daily Green Tea with Honey Ginseng. 

Today was a whirlwind day that basically flew right by.  First – after taking a bit of time to make some pins and stitchmarkers – I took MIL and myself off to our LYS – Kraemer’s Yarn Shop.  They are still in the renovating stages, so I didn’t have much in mind when I went there – just checking it out – talking to the manager about  taking some of my pins for their shop (They are Very interested, yay!) and hoping my MIL can find something she might be interested in.  Really, I did not intend to buy any yarn myself.  But, low and behold, they had about 10 skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy!!!!  At 10% off.  What choice did I really have?  I know.  You’d do it, too.  MIL also bought two skeins and a few other’s for socks and such.  A quick run to Barnes & Noble so we could get a copy of the Holiday Gifts issue of IK that I was in for her, and then we headed for lunch at Panera and Knitting Group.  I can always count on having a great time and it really just flew by. 

And that Tea.  It is just the best smelling, tasting tea ever.  You can find it at The Republic of Tea or at Panera Bread – last time I was there they didn’t have it and today I was able to buy the last tin.  But honestly – it’s just wonderful.  I’m actually enjoying it right now!

I did get a bit of knitting done on the first Wallaby sleeve – I’m hoping to get that the heck off my needles tonight.  Oh, and for everyone who has asked – the pink sock pattern is a Rotating Rib.  I originally saw the Yarn Harlot do a pair and just followed her directions – k2, p2 for six rows, then move over one stitch and repeat.  It’s a nice stretchy interesting rib and it works up quickly. 

Okay – off to finish my cuppa, get the apple pie outta the oven and maka da chicken parmigana!  Have a Great Night!


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