All This……


Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Carmelized Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce,  Gravy, Apple Pie and Pumpking Cheese cake.  I think I used something like 1.5 pounds of butter.  And then, for those who are watching their caloric intake……..


There is a finished sock.  Because in between preparing everything but the turkey (fried by DH) and the Pumpkin Cheese Cake (made by the cheesecake company)  – I would sit and knit and I managed to finish this one sock and cast on for the mate.  Not bad for Holiday Knitting. I like the way the rotating rib worked out, the yarn is very nice except for the fact that so far – I’ve encountered two knots.  I do not like knots, especially in hand-dyed yarn that was not  inexpensive.  Yes, I’m one of those people who think that if you pay a premium price for yarn – it should be knot free.  And it bothered me more here, because these socks are for a cancer patient with neuropathy – so I used a russian join to hopefully make an invisible, unfeelable join.  Also,   I was actually  ahead in my knitting on the first wallaby sleeve – sped right past the increases by making two too many, and had to frog back this morning.  Now it’s straight away knitting for the next 10 or so inches and then onto the second sleeve.  I do hope this sweater will be done before the end of November.  In between all this – I managed to sneak an order in for some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for a hat for the oldest son.  There might have been a stray skein or two in the basket for a pair of Fetchings.  Clearly – I am a “one for you, one for me” type of knitter. 

And now, because I am too tired to link, or be very informative today – I bid you a very Happy Day AFTER Thanksgiving.   Here’s hoping that by Monday, we can all resume using the top button on our pants. 


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  1. The sock looks great! I ran across a knot in the wool I’m using to make the girlie’s Christmas stocking. I totally grossed out my mom when I “spit-spliced” it. Noramlly, I don’t resort to spitting on my knitting, but I didn’t notice it till I was right up on it. Plus, I figure Santa won’t mind. Just like he didn’t mind last year when the boy took a drink of his milk before bed. ROTFL

    I think it will be Tuesday, at the very least, before I can button my jeans again. 😉

  2. Very nice sock.
    Knots is yarn suck. I can forgive knots in KnitpIcks yarn because it’s so cheap, but anything else just feels like a slap in the face. Hmph.
    Is that the Rotating Rib sock Yarn Harlot was recently knitting?

  3. The sock is really pretty! I too hate knots. Its horrible to be knitting along and come upon one. I am knitting a scarf with Koigu and I’ve had two already! Argh!!

  4. Happy post-Thanksgiving to you and yours! That was a lot of knitting you were able to get done in between the cooking and other preparations. I got no knitting done for two days leading up to Turkey Day, but I was so glad when it was done. Me and Ariann have been seeing a lot of each other since then!

  5. Yep, knots are the work of the devil which is one of several reasons that I’m not so very tempted by Noro anymore. Lovely to look at, scratchy to touch and filled, FILLED with grotty little knots (that make way abrupt colour transitions), sticks, twigs and hay. Do those people not own a carder or two?
    Rotating rib sock looks just lovely. I think you made the right choice with it.

  6. I absolutely hate knots in my yarn. Particularly in my sock yarn. There is just nothing more obnoxious. Especially when you’re paying twenty-something dollars.

    BTW, that pumpkin cheesecake sounds divine. We had a plain pie from Safeway. Blech.

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