Mail. Is Good.


Especially when it brings pretty, pretty, pretty to me. 


Isn’t this just gorgeousness?  I love it.  Absolutely so happy to have it.  Unbelievably well made, luxurious fabric, I am just running out of gushy type words to describe this little wonder.  It accomodates my sock in progress and the yarn ball, just right.  And just to give you an idea of scale….Here it is in my Handbag – which is exactly what I was going for when I ordered this. 


I had been squishing my sock in my handbag, and so far, I was escaping sure disaster with a pen, wallet, lipstick or whatever I have lurking in the bottom of my bag.  This just fits right in, and did I mention how gorgeous it is.  You want one, I know you do.  Go see Satomi of Japanese Handmade Etc over at Etsy.  You won’t regret it, I promise.  And if you do – just send your bag to me – I think I might develop a collection of these. 

 So, Stick a needle in my eye – I’m almost done with preparations for the Holiday – and when I say almost done – I mean with all the “pre” preparations.  Don’t even get me started on the cooking.  Actually, the cooking is the easy part for me.  I get to bake an apple pie in the morning, prepare a few side dishes to just pop in the oven later, pre cook the sweet potatoes.  DH does the turkey in a fryer, so the oven is mine for the rest of dinner – makes things a little easier.  I do miss stuffing the bird, but it’s healthier to have the stuffing out anyway (although no one in my family or any family I know for that matter, died from tainted stuffing).  I plan on savoring every bite of this meal – and take my time eating it, too.  I’m feeling way less stressed since I was able to finish up the food-shopping because DH is picking up College kid!  And I was home and unpacked by 4:30!!! (I leave work at 3:10!).  So really, I’ve left the cleaning part for tomorrow – which makes sense anyway – like the house would stay clean if I did it a few days before???  Ah, no.  I’ve even had a bit of knitting time – the first pink sock is in the leggage stage and the Wallaby is nearing armage.  Progress is being made.  I won’t bore you with photo’s – because it’s the same pink and blue blobs you’ve seen – and besides, it couldn’t outshine that beauty of a bag.  I’m really looking forward to finishing the Wallaby because then I have a one other Christmas gift to knit and I can cast on for whatever I want!!!  Anything!  Several things! 

Lookit!  Go take a look at Sknitty’s Cobblestone that she just finished for herself.  I think it looks great and I’m almost convinced I want to make another – for me!  There is some amazing crochet going on over at Yarn Junkies Fix – her Prairie Star is really beautiful.  Lastly, these abacus row counter bracklets from Alabama Fiber Dreams are very pretty – I’m hoping they’ll be up for sale in her etsy shop soon!  What a great, pretty gift for a knitter.

And with that – I take my leave – time to cook the dinner.   Have a Wonderful Night!


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  1. I’ve been eyeing the bags at Japanese Handmade, but I’ll have to wait to treat myself till after the holidays. The one you got is soooo pretty. 🙂

  2. LOL I’m right there with you on waiting till the last minute to clean. I feel like the kids are meeting me “punch for punch”. 😉

    I’m glad you liked the bracelets. 🙂 I’ve noticed that more people are starting to make them, so I figure that it would be okay to sell my version. Kinda like stitch markers…all basically the same idea, but everyone putting their own take on them.

    And aren’t the Japenese Handmade Etc. bags gorgeous!? I bought one for a secret pal a while back. Why didn’t I buy one for myself while I was at it? LOL

  3. Very pretty bag. I agree with Jeanne, posting it was rather evil.
    You definately should knit yourself a Cobblestone, I made one for me, and love love love it. I put buttons on my yoke a la Henley and it’s wonderful.

  4. How awful are “pre” preparations? How exhausting?

    And doesn’t “preparations” already have a “pre” in it? No wonder it’s all so tiring. . .

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