Annnnnnnnnnd, We’re Done.


Or, at least we’re done with the Snow for now – what was supposed to be a “fast moving clipper” ended up being over 24 hours worth of snow that accumulated a good 5 inches by our house.  But if you went off the mountain – not so much more than a coating.  It was a bit slippery getting down this morning and a lot of schools North and West of us were closed!  And I heard some ridiculous weather is on the way – warmer?  Rain?  Paaah!

Not much to show – more knitting, but on the same ole, same ole.  Pink sock – check.  Wallaby – check.  But The Garter Belt just put out their newsletter today – and they have some really nice new patterns up.  I’m thinking of buying  Marie Grace’s The Lily Cardigan – love it.  And her Hooded Scarf is adorable – if only I had little ones to knit for.  I’m even thinking, if the gauge is right, and I have enough of it – the Shrunken Cardy can perhaps morph into the Lily?  Hmmmmmm. 

Since I’ve arrived home from work today I’ve placed a HUGE bead order, unpacked every single knife, fork, spoon, spoon, fork and serving piece from their little individual plastic bags %$#@@#$$  – from the new flatware we just bought, cleaned out the frig somewhat, put in another load of dishes in the dish washer and started dinner.  We have early dismissal wednesday, so most of the cleaning will happen then. Tomorrow I hopefully pick up college kid, and I have to finish the last minute food shopping – oh – sometime when I’m sleeping I guess.  Knitting time?  What knitting time!


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  2. I couldn’t believe how much snow we had this morning – and yet just a few miles down the road, they didn’t have anything – too weird! I hope you get every done, and hopefully also have some time to relax.

  3. Yeesh, you’re busy. I did a sweater similar to the Lily Cardigan earlier this year. It’s really comfy, but a little too heavy for my taste. I did it in a worsted weight. The pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple. I still love the design though.

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