If I Had a Hammer……


I’d hammer all darn day.  And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  Big Shop Update…..well, big as in 11 new pins are up…….and more to follow. 


I’m working up something fierce for the holidays – and I’m really enjoying it – but I should be cleaning – but pin making is much more fun.  And I can stay inside all day because……


This is us.  This was taken at around 8 this morning.  It is now 4:08 – and it’s still snowing.  They’ve upped the accumulations for the higher areas – duh – because it hasn’t stopped like it was supposed to.  But my DH just went for a “beverage” run and he said it’s bare down in the valley – just sleeting.  We have a white coated wonderland up here now.  He he. 


I’m ready to turn the heel on this sock.  And knitting for size 5 feet is way faster than my size 10 boats.  Yeesh.  But these are knitting up quickly, so I will work on them a bit, clean a bit, and later it’s all Wallaby time.  Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday – I know I am!


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  1. Wow…that is gorgeous! I wish we would get some snow on a fairly regular basis. Heck…at this point, I just wish we’d get some rain. It seems to go all around us.

    The sock looks great!

  2. Beautiful snow, beautiful pins, and beautiful sock! It really is much easier to knit for a size 5 foot. My mother is a size 6 and it’s so much fun to knit socks for her.

  3. I’m a bit jealous. We rarely get snow here, we’re too close to the ocean, but your’s is lovely. A good time to sit inside by the fire and knit, which you’ve done admirably. The socks looks great!

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