I Knew I Could Count on You’s


Thanks so much to all of you – I knew I could count on you’s and you didn’t let me down.  I’ve taken your advice and wound the Pink Power yarn into a ball.  Using Debi’s amazing Turkish Cast On Tutorial, I’ve cast on for this special pair of socks.  I’m still busy on the Wallably, but I feel like these socks are important to get done.   I’ve decided to use the Rotating Rib pattern from The Yarn Harlot, suggested by Alabama Fiber Dreams (Bubblesknits) and here’s why.  I know this person has a small size 5 foot, and not being able to measure her foot, I think the ribbing will be more forgiving if my standard cast on for socks turns out to be too big for her.  I figure the ribbing will pull it in or let it stretch according to her particular foot.  At least, this is what I’m hoping for.  I’ll have to see how it looks once I start that rib.  I’m doing toe up, I’ve also weighed the skein, so we can stretch the legs out as far as the yarn allows.  Now I just need to find my sock chart to make sure what a size 5 foot is in inches. 

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your help – the comments starting coming in almost as soon as I posted that – and your suggestions on sock patterns were so well thought out for this situation.  It really made me so thankful for this community that we are all apart of – I knew you wouldn’t let me down, and you absolutely didn’t.  Maybe we should be running this country after all. 

Here’s something special………..


A custom Sterling Silver Kilt Pin with Moss Jasper and Swarovski Crystals.  I really enjoy when customers contact me for special orders and this one was a lot of fun to make.  I just wish the lighting was a tad better today – of course it’s overcast and the sky looks snow laden – for the “up to an inch” accumulation we might get tonight.  I would love to wake up to a white coating tomorrow morning.  Speaking of waking up – I slept in till nearly 8 am today!!!!  That’s a full two hours past my usual wake up time and I’ll tell you, it was just what I needed.  I was showered and running errands by 9:30 – took that vacuum in to hopefully get repaired.  What timing.  Right before a holiday, two dogs, birds and whatnot and I’ve got a broken vacuum.  I’d like to say it sucks – but it doesn’t and therein lies the problem.  Har har. 

DH and I did the Sam’s Club run – he lost the “how much is this gonna cost” guess and had to buy me lunch.  I really am glad when he comes with me, but darn if we don’t spend twice as much when he does.  Now, I’ve just got a few odds and ends to pick up and I’m hopefully prepared for the Holiday. 

The knitting is calling…….have a great night!


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  1. The kilt pin is very pretty! And I thought I’d let you know that I DID laugh at your vacuum suck joke. Its always good to know that you also crack others up and not yourself 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the pin. It’s beautiful. My trips to Target are alway more expensive when hubby comes with. I wish I knew exactly why that is. Maybe he’s trying to convince me I should leave him at home?

  3. Ha ha ha ha! “therein lies the problem”.

    I made some rotating rib socks in March but they were based on a four-row move rather than a six. They were for a small child but I could get them on my size 8.5 foot….so, Stretchy, they are.

  4. They are stretchy and hug the foot well. I used the rotating rib for the one and only pair of alpaca socks I ever knit (that’s when I found out I’m very allergic!)

    I’m glad you’re a TCO convert 🙂

    I love that pin. Want.

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