Help Me, Knitters?


 Whenever someone sees me knitting, I can always count on at least one person asking what I’m making, how long it takes, and inevitably if I sell my knitting.  I always answer the same thing for that last question.  No, I don’t sell but I’d be happy to teach you to make your own – whatever-it-is that you want to buy from me.  I do knit for other people, my family and some friends and charity.  I have a friend at work, who sees me knit everyday, and has taken to asking to see what socks I’m wearing that day.  After telling us about a friend of hers who is very ill and has neuropathy, she looked at me and asked if I would be able to knit her friend a pair of socks to keep her feet warm and make her more comfortable.  Of course, she offered to buy the yarn and pay me.  Well, I have sooo much yarn.  And I have a sock drawer that is fairly full.  And I have this skill.  I cannot imagine charging someone for wanting to give someone the warmth and comfort of a handknit pair of socks.   So, my knitting peeps, help me pick a yarn to make these special socks.  Here are the choices I’m torn between. 


On the left is some Duet sock yarn.  With the little skein to make the toes and heels a solid color.  On the right is Zen Yarn Garden Pink Power yarn.  I’m leaning towards the pink power because I’m not sure the funky pinks and browns would be soothing.  And while we are making suggestions, friends, I’m looking for pattern ideas – she has a small size 5 foot, so I can make the legs a bit longer and I want to stay away from lace patterns because the idea is keeping her feet warmer.  I have lots of books, but if you have something that comes to mind, or you’ve knit for someone in a similar situation, I’d really appreciate your advice. 

I was able to finish up the toe decreases on the Shibui Monkey early this morning and wear them to work.  I’m really loving mostly everything about these socks.  The yarn, the pattern – a perfect combination.  I will definitely be purchasing more Shibui in my knitting future.


The long week has come to a close – at least work wise.  And today, around 12:30, I have to say I absolutely knew what it felt like to have the life sucked out of me.  Honestly folks.  It is a real feeling and it’s as draining as it sounds.  I’m so happy to be home, even though I have a weekend that probably involves a LOT of cleaning, holiday food shopping and getting things ready for 4 nights of house guests next week – love the guests, but honestly wish I had a extra day off to settle myself before going back to work.    Homemade pizza tonight, the prospect of more snow – yes, there was a snow squall while we had the kids outside at recess today – yay!, and damn if I’m not going to do my best to sleep late tomorrow and Sunday. 

Here’s to Friday Nights at Home!


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  1. I think Pink Power based on the name alone. She will need some of that. No ideas for patterns really, although if you are looking for fast and warm, garter ridge socks alway do the trick. I like the Shibui Monkey’s. I have to try that pattern someday.

  2. !Warning. The comments you are about to read may reflect the desires of the commenter to make the following socks!

    Hmmmmmm, well. I suspect that the Duet yarn would look really nifty in a pair of Anntrelac Socks from *your* edition of ik holiday knits and the pink and brown is certainly energizing. In fact, it’s one of my favourite colour combinations.
    On the other hand, the Zen looks squishier, silkier and like it wants to be a pair of, oh, I don’t know, Pomatomus perhaps? Miriam Felton’s Boudica would look good too I bet. Also, they’ve got that whole “empowered woman” vibe going on.

    Monkey looks wonderful. Very Autumnal. And lastly, I have to confess that I’m *SO* jealous of the snow. Temps here dropped to a whole 41 and people were pulling out their fur trimmed bomber jackets.

  3. Cool pooling on the shibui and I love love love the color!

    I vote for the solid pink cause you don’t really know what this lady likes but pink is kinda neutral.

    I don’t know if you want to pay for a pattern but Anne Hanson’s Cardigan socks would be a perfect fit for the Pink Power! (

  4. Hmmm…both are very pretty. But I think I’d go with the pink power – it just looks softer and squishy-er. As far as pattern – how about Cable and Rib (Interweave Fall 05) – I made them last year and they are really nice. The Shibui Monkeys are very beautiful – great choice of pattern, yarn and color! I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Pink Power, and I was thinking Pomatomus too. I bet it would look GREAT as Jaywalkers, but honestly I had such a hard time doing those socks that I am cringing just typing the name of them.

    Ooooh, wait – I just thought of Marina Piccola, which I knit for Sockapalooooza this year and was such a beautiful sock. Pretty pattern and easy to memorize. It’s a Kate Gilbert pattern available on her website. My finished ones are here:

  6. I agree with the pink power suggestions. It looks like a soft, comforting sort of pink. As far as patterns, what about something like the Rotating Rib that the Yarn Harlot just did? Might be enough to be pleasing to the eye, but still warm and squishy. 🙂

  7. I vote for the solid pink too. I’m not sure on the pattern though.

    I adore the Monkeys! Such a beautiful color! I think I’m finally going to give in and buy some Pagoda. I have a specific pattern in mind for them now. 🙂

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