The Longest Week EVER



Montana Mountain, New Jersey In Autumn

Ok.  I’ve officially named this the Longest Week EVER.  And when I say Ever, I mostly mean, so far. November is a hard month if your schedule is school based. (I know, you feel really sorry for me having all that time off) You’re in session, you’re off for four days, you’re in session, you’re off for four days, you’re in session and how the hell did Christmas get here so fast?  I do a lot of stressing in November.  And I know I’m not the only one.  Stress has it’s up side though.  Today, I was gifted an extra hours worth of knitting time – at work.  This is something I can’t explain to you other than to say for reasons beyond my control – I had to sit and sit for a long time today.  And it’s a good thing I have a sock in my bag with me.  A good darned thing.  Because of that – I’m almost done with my second Shibui Monkey Sock.  And I also finished up another skein on the Wallaby last night – hence the sock knitting.  I’m all about using my time wisely. And I won’t put up another photo of them until they are finished.  Instead, you can enjoy a little scenery from the top of our “mountain”.

The new Knit Picks Catalog was waiting for me when I arrived home today – and I’m really interested in making a few of the projects in it – the downloads are pretty inexpensive and I like that.  I’m really loving the Girl’s Best Friend Anklets for 1.29.  And the Women’s Convertible Mittens are really cute – I love that big button and the photo in the link isn’t nearly as cute as the photo in the Catalog.  I think both of these would be quick gift knits if the mood strikes. 

I did catch the tail end of Oprah today – all about Hoarders – and they were pretty extreme stories.  I’m not implying that what I do in acquiring yarn is anywhere near this level, but what I would like to know is – are there stages to Hoarding and does it start with, say, a small container of yarn…………then maybe a cabinet of yarn………………then maybe a room for your yarn?  Because I honestly don’t think I hoard it  – I prefer the term “stasher”.  And for the most part, it is neatly arranged in bins or on shelves.  Not layered upon layer.  So, I’m thinking the gauge here is floor.  I can see floor in my room, so I’m not going to worry about it………….yet.  I’m a stasher not a hoarder.  Right?


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  1. Hmmm….New Jersey mountains look a lot like Minnesota mountains. I think the hoarding problem comes into play when you have to follow narrow canyons from room to room, so you are good.

  2. I’m with you on the stash. Especially when it is neatly packaged and stacked in a closet. Doesn’t matter that there is a whole closet devoted to yarn… 🙂

    Your mountain is beautiful! You are so luck to look at that every day.

  3. I think everyone has a little hoarder in them, like having more yarn than we could ever knit or more nail lacquers than they could ever wear, ahem 🙂

    It’s when they become unmanageable that its a problem, like taking up your living space or spending the mortgage $$ – those people on Oprah are *scary*!

    Have you ever watched the BBC America show “How Clean is Your House”? That’s a REAL eyeopener about how people live!

  4. Such a lovely view.
    I think hoarding is more like keeping things because you’re afraid you might regret getting rid of them some day. Stashing is like collecting the things you love so you have them when you want them.
    Either way, it’s wool! who cares!

  5. I had a friend who joked that she bought a new house so she could have a bigger room for her stash. I think she was always a little more then half serious about the whole thing. Though you could see the floor of her stash room so I wouldn’t call her a hoarder. 😉

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