So I’m Trying Not To Bore You….



One of my favorite Bead combinations – Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals.  In the Shop now. 

I’m trying not to bore you guys.  I mean, here I am trying to post everyday.  So, today you get a pretty photo and not another shot of the blue Wallaby.  I refuse to consider a short, meaningless jibber jabber a post.  I refuse to plaster this blog with non-knitting related drivel just to say I posted everyday. If I’m boring myself by writing it – I’m not going to make you read it.  I promise not to take a photo of my dog and put a caption on it and call it a day.  (unless he/she is doing something exceptional, which so far – not so much)  When I get to that point, if I get to that point…..

I will not post. 

I’m really interested to see how many of you have “ball preferences”.  And I’m glad to know that whether the yarn comes from the inside of the skein or the outside, it doesn’t really matter in terms of knitting socks.  I thought maybe it was one of those things everyone knew and I somehow skipped that “memo” and didn’t know it.  And I so think I know what typing the words “ball preferences” might do, but I’m strangely curious to actually see. 

I’m feeling a bit stale in the knitting department – it always seems to happen when I undertake a knit for someone else.  And I know that I should be trying to enjoy this – I should knit every stitch with love.  And I think I do.  But I’m so itching to finish the Shibui socks, to start the amazing mittens, to work some more on the shrunken cardy.  And I put these restrictions on myself only when I’m gift knitting – I’m very strick with the rules.  I have to be.  I get so easily distracted.  By other pretty, shiny knits.  But I can still enable.  I’ve had many knitting conversations lately, both in person and via email.  And I can’t tell you how happy I am to answer questions, offer resources and help.  Even more people at work are asking for info on books and yarn and I’m taking every opportunity I can to invite people to Knitting Group.  I think I gush with knitting.  And one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I can flit from project to project.  But not with the gift knitting.  No flitting. 

Now for your daily linkage…….

There is some great information over at Techknitter about those bands and cuffs that a lot of us fear for wonkiness.  I’ve gotten better at this part of knitting, but any little information I can get to help things look better – I’m all over it. 

Browsing around at etsy today – head on over to Sunnyside Ellen, there is more than one skein of yarn I’m toying with buying right now.  As always, Susie at Perchance to Knit has some gorgeous yarns and rovings.  I can personally attest to the amazing depth of color she creates with her yarn and roving – you truly won’t be dissappointed.  If your hankering for some brights/pastels, Yarnchef has some beautiful selections.  If you want something beautiful to wear, Simone Walsh has had my eye for quite awhile.  She has such beautiful designs – I’ve picked out so many things to put on my wishlist – hmmmmm, maybe it’s about time I put one in my shopping cart?


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  1. Gawd man. I must be your most hated blog!! Sometimes…. my life stuff is just too boring. I’d rather just share a video or a pic!

    Love the pearls and crystals!

  2. I get the same way when knitting for others, which is probably why I don’t do it that often. My husband gets the most “gift” items. I wish I could muster the will to make gifts for others, they certainly would be enjoyed!

    Good luck with the restrictions and deadlines. Your pin is beautiful.

  3. I’m at the point in the Ariann where prettier shinier knits are winking at me. I’m trying to be strict with myself, but the siren call is loud. So far I’ve been good in not ordering any mittens or more sock yarn though!

  4. I can’t imagine posting every day – and I think you are doing fine. But you need to stop posting links to yarn – you are making my yarn diet a little harder….

  5. Hah! What Jeanne said!

    Also, I can’t wait until we have enough money that we can place an order with you. So you are SO TEASING ME with these beautiful photos!

    My … hee … “ball preference” … oh lordy, I’m so twelve years old … is to … I can’t even write this with a straight face, so THANKS … is a center-pull ball.

    And I am always so into knitting for others until it’s a week before Thanksgiving and someone requests two pairs of socks, and then I am the stingiest knitter you have ever seen. How psycho-drama is that?!

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