I Can Haz Powch



And in a few rows – there be pouch attachment.  Oh yes there be.  I cannot frickin wait.  This is, for me, the worst part, because I sorta feel like my knitting has been interrupted by the pouch.  You know, here I am, knitting along an then STOP!  You have to make the POUCH!  (well, you don’t have to unless someone really, really wants it on their sweater).  Then the casting on, the ripping out, the re-casting on, pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch!  I feel like it took more time to do the itty pouch than that 6 inches of sweater.   And now – I have to knit the sweater up to the pouch for the attaching.  Should be about 8 more rows. 

And because I’m always trying to be helpful – in addition to the linkage on socks here yesterday – there is this tutorial that Debi has for the most amazing Turkish casting on I’ve ever seen – and does anyone know where the hell I’ve been and why I haven’t done this yet???? Because I don’t know why?  I mean – go look – you probably already have – but really, can a cast on be any easier???  It only leaves me asking – what the hell have I been doing that I totally missed this, even after poor Debi, ahem, told me about it?  I can just feel very thankful that Debi has the utmost patience and endurance to yet point this out to me once again – 400th times a charm?  She is indeed a very good friend.  And patient – have I mentioned that?

Oh, and I have a question.  Because I’ve never given this any thought what-so-ever (which is probably a large part of my problem).  The question is – do you knit from the inside of the yarn ball or from the outside of the yarn ball, and in particular does it ever matter especially for sock yarn? I’ve never heard of that – and frankly I think it’s personal preference.  But my MIL told my Sil  it’s ok to pull from the outside, except when you’re knitting socks.   Ever hear that before?  I just thought that as long as you did the same for the second sock as you do for the first, and with exception to things like Kauni-ing – it didn’t really matter.  This knit-by-the-seat-of-my-pants has never been a problem for me before – but I tend to be an inside-ball knitter.   I’d really like to hear other thoughts and opinions on this one. Now I know my SIL in Japan is knitting socks right now  – and she’s very logical, so Sue – comment and let me know what you think, too!


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  1. Wallaby looks great – love the pouch! I generally pull from the outside – I’ve had too many issues where I was using a center pull ball that all of a sudden vomited half of the yarn – all in a big knot. So I pretty much now just pull from the outside. And as far as I know – it doesn’t really matter what you do. Maybe its like that toilet paper thing…

  2. Center pull usually although I have to admit that being a shameless follower and tryer of any new thing that comes along, I’ve been knitting straight from the skein a la the Yarn Harlot’s friend the other day.
    Oh! Boucle yarn . . . it seems to make a difference which end you knit from. There’s no telling which end it is though, until the stoopid yarn begins scooching in on itself when you’re about a third of the way in. *sigh*

  3. Awww shucks 🙂

    I love the wallaby – I wish they made it in a cardi style, I would be on it in a heart beat!

    Why would it matter *only* for socks? I have done both, from the inside and from the outside of the skein and none of my socks have spontaneously combusted yet 🙂

  4. I hate the outside pull – I always seem to get either the yarn untwisting or the ball rolling about, or both…infuriating.

    And I HATE the pouch. I only ever knitted one kangaroo pocket thingy and damned if that pouch wasn’t the most tedious part of the whole exercise. I laughed out loud at your first paragraph. Perfect.

  5. Pouch is looking good 🙂 My newest pattern has one of those too 😉 As for balls of wool – I prefer to use centre pull for just about everything because otherwise I and the dog have to wrestle for every ball that rolls across the lounge floor – I swear he thinks he is a cat!

  6. I always pull from the center. I can’t stand my ball rolling all over the place when pulled from the outside. (More likely to end up in the dangerous paws of a dog or cat around here!)

  7. What a luvverly pouch! Tedious as it may be, I think it will be greatly appreciated.

    If the sock yarn is prewound, then I knit from the inside yarn. If I wind the yarn myself, I knit from the ouside yarn. I hate using the inside yarn from my own yarn cakes because I always, always, always end up with a mess toward the end. I haven’t noticed any problems knitting either way. Good question though! It’s interesting to see what everyone is saying!

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