Monday, Monday


To make up for this pictureless post…………….Lucky finds on the interwebs last night.  First, Silver’s Sock Class – this is just a really great toe-up sock tutorial.  And it finally convinced me to give the figure 8 cast on a try – go check it out.  Some much other great things to check out on her site, too.  I haven’t had enough time to spend there yet. 

And lot’s and lot’s of what look like free pattern downloads over at Prima Knitting – from the few I checked out, they are PDF downloads and I’ve seen quite a few over there that I’d just love to add to the queue. 

I did a little early morning retail therapy before work today, and finally ordered a Box Bag from Japanese Homemade Etc.  Gosh – these bags are just gorgeous and the price is fantastic.  I see that she has another listed like the one I bought – it’s just so beautiful looking, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve had my eye on her work for quite some time, and waited until I saw the bag that just had to be mine. 

Feeling a little bleechy and run down today – don’t know if it’s just heading back to work or a flare up.  But, I’ve got another skein of blue to wind into a ball – yes I did finish that skein by dinner time last night, and I did work on the sock after dinner.  But a deal is a deal.  I don’t welch on the deals.  So it’s back to the Wallaby until the next skein is done.  Leftover’s tonight, so I plan on taking it easy, putting my feet up, watching something on the TV and knitting!


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