Where I Want to Rip My Eyes Out



Or maybe I’ll just go all CATatonic.  That is the humble beginnings of my DS2’s Wallaby.  And though I love him, and want to make him anything he asks me to knit for  him (within reason), do you see the DARK blueness of it?  Do you see the blinding potential?  Do you SEE it?  Three inches of K1, P1 Ribbing to do before the miles and miles of stockinette.  Thankfully, that will be done on #8’s so it should go fast.  But it’s so solidly dark.  Needless to say, I won’t have a choice but to be knitting this when the good light is available.  Which means night time is other knitting time.  And looky – did you notice the new Harmony needle tips.  Pointy Schmointy – I love them!

Oh, and DS1 – home for the weekend and wanting a hat.  Without a brim. Or rim.  Or anything fancy.  And I would love to make another Shedir, which would match the scarf I made him last christmas.  But he just doesn’t know what he wants.   I may have to make a Knitters Executive Decision on this one.  So, two Christmas knits.  That’s not too bad.  As long as no one else chimes in and makes any requests, I may just be finished early. 

Knitting Group today – we attracted some attention from other knitters and I think we may have two potential new members.  It’s always nice when people come up and ask.  It’s nice to have the interest, share the craft and em-biggen the group. 

The first Shibui Monkey is done, I did work on the second sock at group – but now – it’s Wallaby time.


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  1. I want to make that Wallaby too. I think it’s a great sweater, but in blue can be pretty dull. It is good for lots of tv knitting and knitting group knitting though. You can do it!

  2. I just got some Harmony needles yesterday and I’m so in love! I might just buy the whole set. This time around I just bought some DPN’s and one set of points. So in love. *sigh*

  3. But the Harmony needles break it up, don’t they? They’re beautiful! And you are one fast knitter – I can’t believe how much of the Shibui monkey is done already! It’s gorgeous!

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