No Monkey-ing Around



One Shibui Monkey Sock.  Sitting all alone.  I’ve made a little deal with my knitting…..


Finish the first skein of yarn on the Wallaby, and do a few repeats on the second Monkey Sock.  Sounds fair to me.  And that’s about 6 inches of sweater you’re looking at right there (I know, your eyes are screaming for you to cover them, so boring, all that stockinette).  But I’m queuing up some episodes of Scrubs I haven’t watched yet and I think I can make my way through the rest of that there skein before dinner time.  I found the neatest little knit calculator whilst I was searching for a way to “increase evenly”.  I’m so bad in things mathmatical, that I’m always figuring and coming up wrong with these little knit-quations.  So I did a google search and came up with that nifty little thing – I just popped the number of stitches I had on my needles, the number of increases I needed to make and the resulting number of stitches and it calculated how often I had to make an increase and how many stitches in between – exactly.  I know this sounds like simple math to most of you – but apparently it’s not or else this knitting gift would not be around.  And I know that without tools like this – I would be grumbling and groaning and eventually figuring out what the hell I did wrong – but it was so nice to skip that part and get right to the knit of it.  There are some other neat tools on the site that I haven’t had a chance to check out yet, but I’m planning on it.  A big, fat Thank you goes out to  The Knitting Fiend for that calculator. 

The oldest is back at college this afternoon – I dropped him off with a knitting care package for his girlfriend.  I had a lot of fun putting that together and I hope she can use what I sent.  Of course, no pressure, just gentle encouragement (grin, grin, grin).  We have to spread the knit when we get the chance!

The youngest is at  his girlfriends and it’s just the DH and I, two porterhouse steaks with baked tatoes, and asparagus. 

And the Wallaby.


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  1. Cool calculator! How handy! I actually find all those rows of stockinette soothing.

    Your Monkey is beautiful. The pattern really looks perfect with the Shibui.

  2. I can never figure out how to increase evenly. Thanks for a pointer to that calculator! I like the monkey socks. The Wallaby will be very cute. Pity it’s so boring to knit.

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