Fun Friday!



Ta-Da!  A Shibui Monkey Sock – and I’m making pretty good progress on it. I did modify the heel to a short row heel – it just fits my foot better and feels nicer in my shoes.   I didn’t make too many mistakes while knitting at Barnes & Noble with Jeanne, browsing through knitting books, chit chatting away.  We even had a Starbucks.  While I like their specialty drinks, I never really understood what was so fantastic about them that people would be so addicted.  But I do enjoy their Mocha Latte.  What a nice way to spend a day off from work.  I did manage to buy a book – what are you supposed to do with a 25% off coupon anyway?  Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book.  A very nice book, with beautiful patterns and a stitch dictionary.  I will definitely be making some of these socks.  But as Jeanne and I were talking about it today, I just have soooo many things I want to make.  I don’t even know how to prioritize them, other than the christmas sweater for my son must be done first.  That’s my only real knitting priority.  The rest is just in the queue.  I do feel like I’m finishing things – and the two shawls in my basket can actually wait for the warmer weather now, as they are very lightweight and not at all calling out to me in terms of nice, snuggle up shawls.  I do have to finish that chevron scarf – which will be my carry along project to work next week – I’ll leave the socks home. 

After lunch at TGIF – we headed back to my house for some tea and knitting time in my “studio”.  I do have an incriminating photo of Jeanne, that I will have to use if she tries to steal my CPH again, but for now, I reserve posting it.  Thanks Jeanne – I had a great day with a great friend!!!

I keep hearing the “S” word on the weather reports tonight – and I’m really excited.  DS #1 is coming home from college for the weekend, homemade pizza on the menu for dinner tonight and maybe some snow!

Tomorrow – Knitting Group!


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  1. If you were a true friend you would stop tempting me with photos of your gorgeous Pagoda Monkeys. This is not helping me with my yarn diet!

    As for Starbucks? Have you ever tried a Peppermint Mocha Latte? To die for. And don’t forget the whipped cream.

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