Or should I say StockPile.  Stock of Socks Pile?  The Aussi Socks were done and on the feet last night.  I really was a lot further along that my eyes were telling me.  So, instead of casting on the wonderful orangeness of yarn, I pulled those blue garter rib socks outta the pile.  Let’s just tidy these up, shall we?  Then, when I cast on for the mittens or better yet, my sons Wallaby, I won’t have these dangling sockages hanging over my head.

Just two shawls, and a cardy.  And a Scarf.  But that’s it.

I think.

And I think I have enough blue socks now.  I need to cover some other colors in the sock wardrobe soon. 

But this weather makes me want to have nice, warm, wooly socks to put on my cold, cold feet at night – we still haven’t turned on the heat yet.  And while this is not a furnace war, like the Yarn Harlot had going on, I’m just throwing on that sweater and stockpiling those warm socks to keep the chill away.  Our weather isn’t nearly that cold yet, but I’m thinking we’ll be throwing the switch soon.  And I did see some snow squalling up in our Cloudy skies today…….

I headed over to Barnes and Noble today to see if I could snag a copy of Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker – recommended to me by blogless Elise.  They didn’t have it.  So I came home an clicked it onto my Amazon wish list.  I figure, If I’m going to make sweaters that fit, and I have a few ideas floating around in my head for designs, I better get educated on this sweater designing thing.  Not that it will help.  It does involve math.  Me + Math = certain disaster.  Maybe I should snag myself some of that neato sweater design software and let that take care of the maths?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

Back to the Sockpile!


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  1. Very pretty socks! I can’t believe how fast you finished the Aussie ones…and you haven’t turned on the heat yet – crazy! Mine is going right now in fact….

  2. Beautiful blue socks!

    I have both Sweater Wizard and Knitware, both are great! I use them more to double check my math when I upsize stuff and modify designs then to design stuff from scratch.

    There are so many gorgeous designs available now I don’t feel the need to re-invent the wheel, just make it bigger 🙂

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