Channeling My Inner Friday



The Ravelry Shirt is here!  It’s very cute.  A little on the small side – I ordered a size larger than usual and it’s a bit snug.  But I’z can stretch.   And it found my stitches!  That second trekking sock is nearing completion.  An hour wait at the chiro really helped it grow.  And with it the realization that possibly, probably tomorrow I’ll be looking around for just the right sock pattern for that Shibui yarn that has been calling to me.  Or the mittens that I know would keep my hands quite warm since the heat is still not ON.  I’m thinking it should be on. 

I know it’s Wednesday.  But for me.  It is really Friday.  No School. No work till Monday.  So it’s Friday, Friday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  I have plans.  And then my plans have plans.  There is knitting in the plans.  And possibly yarn shopping.  And knitting friends.  And relaxing.  And sleeping late.  If you put a post it across your forehead when you go to sleep at night, will it still be there in the morning so no one wakes you up to ask you why you’re still sleeping. (I’m going to do a pre-emptive strike tonight and announce it, but these things can get forgotten)  And if you place another post it, say on your chin, to explain why you don’t really want to wake up enough to explain why your still sleeping.  Will it stops it from talking?  How about just a post it that says “its sleeps, do not wakes it”?

I already have my pajama’s on! And wool socks.  And a fleece jacket. 

It’s cold.


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  1. Happy First Friday!

    The post it sounds like a good idea but if they’re going to wake you, they’ll do it anyways…or, if you tell them that you don’t have to leave until 7 instead of your accustomed time of 6, they’re going to wake up as you step into the shower, scream your name (which pulls you out of the shower and slows you down) and then say “You’re late!”

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