The Need for Speed



Ok, I realize that blog title is going to attract more than the average knitter.  Sorry.  I’m trying to be catchy here.  You will see that along with this weekends lone finished sock, there is something almost resembling it right next to it.  Hmmm.  I cast on for the second one yesterday.  Can someone please explain to me how it can take nearly two weeks to knit the first one, and then in a fit of I-need-to-finish-this-pair-ism, that second one is probably going to be done in less than three days???  Is there a slow motion knitting gremlin that sits on your shoulder sometimes, just lazily swinging his little legs (yes, he.  I don’t know why, but go with it) whistling a little mindless tune, that apparently distracts you and therefore slows down your knitting?  Yep.  I bet his little name is “slow-bloke”.   

Because look at this?  This means I need to finish those socks up there. 

I want to play with this sock yarn next.  Orange.  But deep, rich orange.  I cannot believe the orangeness of it.  But I find myself loving it so much.  And lookit that little “teaser card” Simply Sock Yarn sends to you?  Is that not the devil?  I mean honestly, now I have more things to want and wish I had. 


Here.  I literally internetly stumbled upon this website just the other day – KnitMap.  Have you ever seen this handy dandy knitting shop locator?  Because I’ve never heard of it before.  And they have a version that you can utilize from your IPhone, too.  Hot Damn! I tried it out for my general area and it came up with quite the list of knit shops.  And how can I not pass this onto anyone of you who haven’t heard of it yet? 



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  1. Very pretty socks – can’t believe how fast you are going on them. The orange sock yarn is gorgeous – what are you going to make with it? Thanks for the link – very cool!

  2. I find the second sock always goes faster then the first sock. I think we just work out all the kinks and quirks by then.

    I adore Pagoda! I desire Pagoda! I must have Pagoda! Ahhh… maybe for Christmas. 🙂

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